African Story Teller’s 100 Word Competition: How To Enter And Win

In my previous post on this blog, i shared my interview with the African Story Tellers’crew. This is the testimony part where i’d expand their entry instructions for you to fully understand how to enter.
The African Story Tellers is a literary platform that promotes literature and writers of fiction through their Facebook Page and Book-blog. They give away 10,000 Naira to the finest story teller each month since 1960 January, 2015.
Now i’m doing this because the contest’s instructions were not clear to most individuals and when i won, some of these “individuals” wanted to know how and where i posted my story to. I’d shed more light on that but before then, i’d like to inform you that i’m the third winner (March.)

Image credits: Rocky

Now, the first few instructions you see below are are usually posted by African Story Tellers, but i’d break it down in my own instructions below it.

Their Instructions
1. Eligible entries must not be more than 100 words (excluding the story title)
2. The entries should be posted on this page only.
3. The entries must be original, with positive messages and have morals that appeal to an African audience.
4. More than one entry can be submitted by any entrant.
5. The most outstanding entry wins a prize money of N10,000.00 (Ten thousand Naira Only)
6. Entry opened from 02 March, 2015 and closes on 31 March, 2015.
7. Competition is open to only Nigerians or persons in resident in Nigeria.

My own instructions
1. Like their page on Facebook here and check their timeline if the competition is on
2. Your entry should be 100 Words excluding the Title. See sample here
3. You can use Microsoft Word or any other text editor that shows word count
4. Write something African… Very African.
5. Put the whole Idea or story into 100 words.
6. Write more than 1 story. Write another… then another (I submitted 5, they picked 1)
7. Remember, it’s just 100 words
8. Go to their Facebook Page and send them the story (As “MESSAGE”)
9. Send as many 100 word stories as possible with their titles.
10. Be Original and do not send something sexual

This is how i posted mine… and i got picked out of 30-something contestants. What makes it even more awesome is that i don’t have to write a 10,000 word story.
Got questions? Leave a comment and check back to see it replied. Write on!
African Story Teller’s 100 Word Competition: How To Enter And Win



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