Month: April 2015

Why Women Cheat: The Good and Ugly Reasons

For men, it’s typically about the sex—the more sexually excitable they are, the more likely they are to cheat. For women, it’s more about the level of satisfaction in her relationship; if a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she’s 2.6 times more likely to cheat – According to 2012 statistics from the Journal […]

New Update: Okadabooks 3.0 With App Reset

The Amazon appstore and Instagram are not the only apps getting an update this month. Okadabooks app has a new update – 3.0. Like any other app with an update, there’s always something new in the Application or it’s component. In this new update, you would find: – Improved UI – New Startup Image – […]

50+ Hilarious Features Of @Okadabooks

[Features Of Okadabooks] The Okadabooks App is not just a fast, simple and fun way to read eBooks without ever having to worry about how to pay with cash or card. Other features of Okadabooks includes: Free transportation within devices Free account setup and management. Free monthly sales report. Knows Chimamanda, Achebe, Oliver twist and […]

How To Change Your Okadabooks Password

Changing your Okadabooks password Okada Pointer: Changing your password is different from Resetting your Password. For Steps to Reset your Password CLICK HERE   If you have a crawling walking working internet connection, you could change your password in less than 30 seconds. You read it correctly… seconds. To change your password, I believe you’re […]

[Forgot Password?] How To Reset Your Okadabooks Password

Okada Pointer: Resetting your Password is different from Changing your password  . For Steps to Change your Password CLICK HERE Recovering your password on the Okadabooks App is really easy provided your internet connection is dead turned on and the email address you signed up with is a valid one. You could either recover your password from the Website or […]

Women In Polygamous Marriages

Women In Polygamous Marriages Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. There are a few places in the world polygamy is practiced while in some parts, it’s illegal (e.g United States). In Nigeria, the northern states recognize polygamous marriages as equivalent to monogamous marriages and […]

[Updated] How To Delete A Book On Okadabooks

The previous tutorial i posted on Okadabooks deletion was long, complicated but very deep. You could find that on How To Move, Copy or Delete A Book On OkadaBooks’ App. This one is brief and you can do it within the app in seconds. Okada Pointer: In most Android Devices, you could use the Volume keys […]

African Story Teller’s 100 Word Competition: How To Enter And Win

In my previous post on this blog, i shared my interview with the African Story Tellers’crew. This is the testimony part where i’d expand their entry instructions for you to fully understand how to enter. The African Story Tellers is a literary platform that promotes literature and writers of fiction through their Facebook Page and […]

Okadabooks 101: How To Read Any Book Offline

Read Any Book Offline Credits: Of course, it’s possible. I’ve been reading books offline since some thieves broke into our toilet. The Okadabooks App can read books Offline on both Blackberry Os 10 devices and it’s default Android devices. Actually, it works on any device i’ve tried read with, including the new Lenovo tablet […]

A Monkey Refuses To Lie In Church

A Monkey and a baboon were seated next to each other during a service. The pastor said, “turn to your neighbor and say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and wonderfully created in the image of God.” The Monkey looks at the baboon for a moment, then laughs out loudly and tells the pastor. “Tell him yourself, I […]

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