50+ Hilarious Features Of @Okadabooks

[Features Of Okadabooks]
The Okadabooks App is not just a fast, simple and fun way to read eBooks without ever having to worry about how to pay with cash or card. Other features of Okadabooks includes:
  • Free transportation within devices
  • Free account setup and management.
  • Free monthly sales report.
  • Knows Chimamanda, Achebe, Oliver twist and Wowo Boyz
  • Understands Women
  • Knows Time Travel
  • Comes with various riders (writers)
  • Comes with a lot of passengers (books)
  • Allowed in your school, workplace and toilets
  • Is not heavy, breakable and
  • Cannot tear or be torn
  • Cannot stop you from taking selfies or using hashtags
  • Interprets proverbs, imaginations… and dreams, in your dreams
  • Does not eavesdrop to your calls or read our messages but…
  • Can fix your relationship or help you break up correctly.
  • Speaks and writes English correctly
  • Spotted in London, Lagos, Houston and Kenya in the same day.
  • Is not afraid of Zombies, darkness or ……….
  • Lost a Fight with an Okada
  • Free, fast and easy riding (publishing and usage)
  • Ability to run for hours without stopping or crashing
  • Has never picked a fight with Superman or The Flash
  • Cannot be affected by Harmattan or bad roads
  • Could create Free eBooks and conversions.
  • Has an A in all subjects… including Pidgin English
  • Has African Comics and knows the cunning Tortoise…
  • Ability to carry Billions of passengers at once.
  • Can preach, teach and make you laugh or cry or both all
  • Allows you to pick free books with #0.00 in your account
  • Does not carry Rumours, Newspapers or any Nollywood Movie
  • Free updates to eBooks and metadata, anytime.
  • Friends with Everyone, including Politicians and Linda Ikeji
  • Offers Free servicing and support.
  • Offers Free eBook update and edit, anytime.
  • Gives about 70% from books, when sold.
  • Survived all forms of crash and heartbreaks… and another crash… and another….
  • Okada riders could ride with any book (free from copyright violations)
  • Books uploaded do not require verification from Nigerian Police or Army.
  • Ability to protect contents (with a big invisible Key) from Piracy by means of book encryption.
  • Passengers do not yell, scream, complain… and they could still sleep
  • Does not have a seat belt
  • Has a seat belt
  • Has Jamb and Waec past questions
  • Works anytime and day, anywhere…
  • No accidents, dusts or smoke.
  • Does not have a loud, noisy horn
  • Works with/without Facebook
  • Cannot poke your Facebook friends
  • Cannot be stained by Shit or spit!
  • Walked Works on Water Android, Blackberry and Android Emulators on Pc
  • No traffic jam or hold up.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Runs on any state of matter, including liquids.
Okadabooks faetures
Washing Of Okadabooks is allowed too,
please…Abeg…wash at your own RISK! 
In your Room… Okadabooks  is not Afraid of 
Detergents TOO! 
Download Okadabooks for FREE on: Android Playstore || Blackberry || Website
50+ Hilarious Features Of @Okadabooks
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