New Update: Okadabooks 3.0 With App Reset

The Amazon appstore and Instagram are not the only apps getting an update this month. Okadabooks app has a new update – 3.0.
Like any other app with an update, there’s always something new in the Application or it’s component.
In this new update, you would find:
– Improved UI
– New Startup Image
– Implemented design for tablets
– Fixed bugs and issues
– Optimized push notification for android 5.0+
– Changed login functionality to use username
– Fixed books ordering in “My Books” screen.

It also works with my neighbour’s old Android Device and on my blackberry Q5.
The new update also had something i’d like to call a pain killer – App reset option in it’s Menu.
I call it a pain killer because with the App Reset function you could fix minor errors and download issues.

Once you notice an unusual error like books not downloading, data unavailable pop ups, inability to log in, crashing and/or other things your phone could cause the app to do, simple tap the “Reset App” beneath the “Sign in or Sign out” option in the app’s Menu. The app reset function also works when you’re not signed in.

Note: The App reset deletes the books you’re reading (you can simply redownload them from “My Books” for free), clears your cache and your preferences. The App reset function technically formats the app without touching the books you bought.

Download the new update for FREE on: Android Playstore || Blackberry || Website

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New Update: Okadabooks 3.0 With App Reset
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