A prostitute is anybody (male or female) that doesn’t sit in one place, night or day, rich or poor, contented or broke… Full stop

This post cannot cure madness but it’ll make small sense because a lot of Nigerian bloggers have tried it, failed it and don’t want to share it because they KNOW it’s embarrassing and stupid!…. Just like some online referrer nonsense

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I haven’t posted here in awhile, not because i’m working offline jobs but because i took my writing offline (i don’t like being called a blogger… yuck!) and it’s been great. I met a few souls out there and they sent me back online with a good pay and limitless data connection (poor naija boy). That’s not all, THEY KNOW WHO I AM. So, the level of trust in me took a quantum leap and they could always call me back… Another full stop.

Now, everyone wants to “hammer” in 2015, so most of us owners think the way out is to create all kinds of niche in a blog or different blogs (blogger is free na… abi), provided their Adsense is working and their followership in increasing in a blog or different blogs. (lets not embarrass the bosses with secret blogs) … This has gotten so serious even some newbies have entertainment blogs, educational sites, another entertainment blog, a tech blog and a “gist” blog (WhatTheSmuff is a gist blog?)… Chai! Diaris god oo….

Lets reminisce a little. I once opened many blogs and it was awesome because i was doing it with hope (besides, i liked the free blogger templates i used… wetin?)…
First week, No clicks but people visited (we happy). I added a YouTube video and tried this awesome tutorial on Editweaks and searched for means to make people click it…. See, nobody clicked it. I was the one that did (by myself) with a friend’s phone (rough play). I went back to leave comments at the tutorial’s site (maybe i didn’t do it well na)… but it was okay. I abandoned the blog later. Opened another blog…(Prostitution! ah!!)

The other one i opened had attractive (18+) topics (where tontoh dike gets pregnant for Buhari..Chai!) Those kind of posts… People visited ON THE DAYS I SHARED THE POSTS via popular share buttons. It couldn’t go on everyday… Why? It’s because
1. Those secret (18+) blogs do not draw attention to a blogger, unless he’s motivate to make money (with money).
2. It is a waste of time…. your name is not on it and no one might help you share
3. You won’t feel like giving it your 100% time…
4. The niche is not your hobby
5. Adsense ads are all the same and too obvious everywhere… (Unless you can place it at their doorsteps for them to stand on… I salute you!)
6. You’re wasting your data connection
7. This is how i saw it… and days were growing to weeks
8. you’re seeing it that way too now…. your mates are making cash with TWO blogs only
9. If you get one comment in a “nude post” saying: ‘I like your posts…” Go for thanksgiving
10. All these bad visitors just want to see the post or download the song and leave!… Just like that (Chai! Wicked world)

My blogger blogs were Nine…. I write well in all Niche (like an ardent reader & Writerpreneur)… But i can’t do it all everyday. (prostitute! How many blogs do you want to sleep with…ahn ahn?) with a few deleted blogs in another side. +Don Jajo and Ifediri were shocked when i wanted to leave blogger to Mywapblog to start a new settlement…. BlogProstitution!. Those guys talked sense into my head.

A lot of bloggers have ventured into this side, especially when Adsense accept their request (it’s not their fault na)…

Another reason why this doesn’t work (owning all kinds of blog) is because some people are never willing to spend a dime…

Site counter: Provided by Google (free)
Blogspot domain name: Provided by Google (free)
Adsense: Provided by Google (Free…. After 14 attempts with fasting & wishing)
Share buttons: Free
Facebook comment box: Free
Facebook page & group: Free…. Misleading people to like Tontoh Dike’s official page (How many does she have? i confuse!)
Twitter: Free
Copy & Paste: Free (Let Don Caprio catch you and your tech blog!)
Attend Bloggers Lab Meetings, SMW, or Meet Donvin & others: No!
Ask for help in Bloggers Lab: Yes!
Visit Kabenlah.com: Who?
Buy domain Name: They’ll say Later, when i make the money… ( When? In your dreams?)

All these things is why it just won’t work! Someday, very soon. The prostitute shall be raped by a client.

Google Sexually Explicit Content Arrest (SECA) coming soon, March 23!



8 thoughts on “Make Money From Blogging? Don’t Be A Blog Prostitute

  1. Hey! I wasn't shocked! It's just you being weird.
    Oh shit! I made a sleepy comment last night but never went through in submitting -_- now I can't remember what I wrote then.

    Ye it's been that way for newbie "bloggers" if actually they are, once they hear website gives money they bounce in and wanna do everything. I remember, I had an entertainment blog around 2009/2010 with Jerry Orji because we wanted money! It was successful though but wasn't what I wanted. Being a writer (because I actually hate to be called blogger too ;)), I'm a good googler and I feel they are other people out there also googling to get a solution to their problem, and me already having the solution I know, why won't I share? Am not that stingy. So helping others get solution to a problem is one of the things I love doing :). Not just then money.

    Ehen… I just remembered a line I wrote last night; I love this post, it's too local.. Like having local contents making it look like home 🙂

    Cheers man!

  2. I kept laughing when I read some of the Lines, cool stuff you put up here Brov,
    The thing is people are into Blogging for many reasons, some are for the MONEY, some are for FAME, some are for MOTIVATION. Those Blogging for money are just too Much, they think Blogging is Shortcut for Being Rich, they don't wanna go through the Long Processes, Well "whatever we Believe works for us."
    I hope someone out there sees this and stay Focused on Succeeding through One or two blogs as his only Stream of making Income online, instead of Prostituting all over platforms creating blogs that won't make Any impact.

  3. I am doing a research with my name and there I saw this post. Cool stuff you put up here.

    I am actually guitly of this but it's for a reason. I have 4 entertainment blog (employed people to work on it) but my personal blog content are all created and posted by me, I never even accept any guest post yet.

    As I use to tell my friends, FOCUS on one blog if RESULT is all you need. If I wanted to read some fashion post, I will remember BELLANAIJA and KAMDORA, If I think of tech blog GEEKNG will come to my brain, If I feel like reading celebrity gossip and some entertaining posts LINDAIKEJI I go, and so on like that. It's because they all focus on a niche and they never jump here and there..

    So if you ever think of making it through blogging, spend your time, focus and spend your little money on it. IT WILL PAY BACK SOON!

    Happy Blogging!
    Francis Donvin Vincent.

  4. more and more young people are able to make money online and to be honest in some way this is really good. but hen you think about how much it cost for someone to create something that could return in revenue and you would see what I am talking about. The K Blogs and http://earnmoneyonline.guide/ said the exact same thing.

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