Magnus Okeke

Product Manager, Content Creator, Customer Support

Year: 2020

5 Tools For Enjoying Netflix With Friends

Your Netflix Experience can be optimized in simple ways, even when you don’t know what to watch. We will be looking at some really awesome tools for supercharging your Netflix experience alone or with friends. Let’s get through these 5 tools to help you enjoy your Netflix experience with friends. Netflix Hangouts Netflix Hangouts is […]

5 Websites That Let You Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Where do you want to be in 5 years? or rather, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Don’t tell me. You can write a letter to your future self about your aspirations and find out how much has changed when you receive the letter in the future. You’re allowed to send Letter […]

Turn Your Blog Post Into a Twitter Thread in a Single Click

Some days you might not feel like sharing links to your blog posts on Twitter. Some days you just want to share excerpts or an entire blog post on Twitter so your followers wouldn’t need to visit your blog. In this post, we will be looking at a tool that let makes it easy for […]

How to Create a Free Dollar Card With Gomoney

I’m not sure when they launched but I discovered Gomoney when I was looking for Nigerian banking apps that would let me generate Dollar cards for free. This is not a sponsored post by the way. Some of my guys use Gomoney because they can easily generate dollar Mastercards with it and I hear their […]

5 Places to Find Companies Hiring Around You

A while ago, I made a post about 10 places to find remote jobs for free and I had people asking about non-remote jobs, especially the ones in their city. In this post, I will be showing you 5 places to find companies hiring around you. Pace.Africa Pace Africa’s Job search page lets you choose […]

5 Free Featured Image Designers For Your Content

Have you created an awesome content like a blog post or YouTube video and you need a featured image to help you sell your message? Well, you have come to the right place because I would show you five free graphic editors that you can use to create your featured image. Pixlr Pixlr is a […]

6 Powerful Youtube Channels For Learning Programming

Have you ever wanted to learn to program but find boot camps expensive? Fear not, there are other platforms where you can learn programming for free. Youtube is one of such platforms, I would be sharing popular channels on Youtube that can get you started on your programming journey. Netninja This is one of the […]

5 KudaBank Alternatives For Nigerians

Kuda or KudaBank is a digital-only bank, that is, a completely online bank that was created for the Nigerian populace. Kuda offers most of the services that the traditional banks offer and even more. Kuda is even a registered bank with CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) as an actual bank and running your Kuda bank […]

5 Tools For Converting Your Podcast to Video

Like Vlogging, podcasting is becoming more popular these days and what’s really interesting is that anyone can make a podcast with your phone or laptop. But it doesn’t end there, you would want to distribute your podcast after creating it. In this article, we will be looking at 5 tools that make it super easy […]

5 Websites That Let You Sign Documents For Free

Documents can easily become tedious to sign if you’re expected to sign so many in a short time. We will be looking at 5 Websites that let you sign documents for free. E-signatures became a thing back in 2012 and since then, the number of people opting to sign their documents electronically or digitally easily […]

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