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5 Websites That Let You Write a Letter to Your Future Self

5 Websites That Let You Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Where do you want to be in 5 years? or rather, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Don’t tell me. You can write a letter to your future self about your aspirations and find out how much has changed when you receive the letter in the future.

You’re allowed to send Letter to your Future self on It let’s you create an email time capsule to be delivered at any date up to Fifty (50) years in future. Images can be added to your message if you see the need to, and the option to post your messages anonymously on the website is also available. FutureMe also has an option where you can decide to share your message publicly, which gives anyone access to read it. Other users messages can be read as well.

You can register on FutureMe with your email address. Your letter will be locked until the time you chose in the future. Just be sure you input the correct email.

With, you can remind yourself of the dreams you once had, write about your feelings on current events, send yourself birthday greetings, or ponder classic questions like “Where do you see yourself in few years to come?” The contrast between what you think about your current situation now and what you will remember about it in a few years can be stark.

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Letter to Yourself

Letter to Yourself helps to write a letter to somebody else about something to remember or something that’s very important to you right now. Anything can be sent through this platform, really

A delivery date is always set here, you choose a date you want the letter to be delivered. Also, you can choose an approximate date in the future and the letter would be sent when the time has come.

Receiving the Letter: When the time has come, a message will be sent to you as a physical letter to the provided address. The letter will contain your message framed by a beautiful design from Letter to Yourself

Letter From You

Letter from you handwrite your letter and mail it on the chosen date with sealing wax. Your letter is been prepared by them. You can write about your business and add your own custom logo for wax seal, this is applicable for the business plan only.

You can also write to your clients how much you appreciate their business, you can ask questions too, on how to be better and also on how to serve them more. You can also send a handwritten letter to your family and friends through Letter to you, telling them how much you love them.

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There are so many other Letters that can be written on this platform, go, write, to that your lover, express yourself. A Letter to your Future self can also be addressed there

The Self Club

Self Club is a platform created so you will never forget the core lessons and values that provide a sense of direction for your life. Self Club believes in your ability, on you being the best advisor and guide, you being wiser than you know, Self Club believes it’s all inside of you, let your light shine, by writing this Letter to your Future self.

How to write:

  1. You write a  letter to your future self in the future, with an email format! Goals, reminders, visions, predictions, love messages, realization, thoughts, wishes…whatever your Future Self needs to hear. What do you not want to forget in a week, a month, a year, a decade? Self Club gives you the room to write whatever you want to write.
  2. Choose the exact date in the future when you want it to be sent. Then Click Send!
  3. Click on the confirmation email you will receive to verify your email address.

All set! Go on and live your life.

Self Club doesn’t share email or any other letter data with third parties, so your email text is confidential. Not all public letters will be published.

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Letter to my Future Self

Letter to my future self is a service that was created to help people send a letter to their future self.

The setup is simple. All you need to do is draft a letter to yourself, put in your email address and pick when you want to get the letter – for example, in a week, a month, a year, or even up to 10 years later.

No one else can see the words that you’ve written, so you can write whatever you want here, share you wildest thoughts and imagination, and have peace of mind that no one will be judging you for it. Your message is stored encrypted.

You might want to write a short note to motivate yourself on a weekly/monthly basis, or you can write a more detailed letter and send it to yourself a year later, how you use this service is up to you. The choice is all yours.


5 Websites That Let You Write a Letter to Your Future Self
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