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5 Best Blogging Platforms For Developers

We compiled this post because, in our experience, there are blogging platforms that are really made for Devs. While some do not have any form of distraction and all those additional formating options you would find on a word processor, others are packed with options for a developer’s code. Here are 5 of the best […]

7 Websites That Let You Generate Privacy Policies For Free

Writing privacy policies for your app, website or product used to be a really difficult task because it required you to check out other platforms that have done it before (including your competitor’s) and sometimes copy them, even. You would then go on to modify their policies to match yours. At least, that’s how I […]

5 Tools For Enjoying Netflix With Friends

Your Netflix Experience can be optimized in simple ways, even when you don’t know what to watch. We will be looking at some really awesome tools for supercharging your Netflix experience alone or with friends. Let’s get through these 5 tools to help you enjoy your Netflix experience with friends. Netflix Hangouts Netflix Hangouts is […]

5 Websites That Let You Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Where do you want to be in 5 years? or rather, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Don’t tell me. You can write a letter to your future self about your aspirations and find out how much has changed when you receive the letter in the future. You’re allowed to send Letter […]

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