7 Websites That Let You Generate Privacy Policies For Free

7 Websites That Let You Generate Privacy Policies For Free

Writing privacy policies for your app, website or product used to be a really difficult task because it required you to check out other platforms that have done it before (including your competitor’s) and sometimes copy them, even. You would then go on to modify their policies to match yours. At least, that’s how I did it until recently.

Let’s take a quick look at 7 places to generate privacy policies for free.


Privacy Policy Generator is free, and it is one of the platforms to generate Privacy Policies, with no-frills option. All you need to do is to fill out some fields, which will take you not more than 60 seconds and after that, your privacy policy is ready to use. If you’re in a hurry, then this is a good option, also, this is by no means comprehensive. Later on, you might likely want to include more robust details that meet GDPR requirements and other pertinent laws that might eventually affect your business.


Free Privacy Policy includes several provisions and sections to help you effectively in protecting your customer’s privacy.

Steps in Creating Private Policy.

  1. Firstly, Generate your Privacy Policy
    This is done by answering a few questions about your business and your Website Privacy Policy. More so, it takes less than 15 minutes in answering these questions and your Website Terms and Conditions agreement is created and ready to be on your website.
  1. Secondly, Download your Privacy Policy.
    After generating your Privacy Policy, you Log in to your account, and you then download the Privacy Policy you just generated. Free Privacy Policy saves each Privacy policy that’s been generated on their systems, making it easier for it to be accessed at any given time.
  1. Thirdly, Update, or Edit your Privacy Policy.
    To update your Privacy Policy, simply log in back to your account and then click on update your Privacy Policy. Editing also doesn’t ask for much, make sure you’re logged in to your account, click on edit, then edit your Privacy Policy.
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Free Privacy Policy is known to be the most popular Free Privacy Policy Generator. Over 1,030,043 site owners have been helped in creating custom, easy to read, and highly effective Privacy Policies.

Livechat Privacy Policy Generator

Live Chat Privacy Policy Generator gives you a sample to follow, which should be a starting point for one who wants to generate Privacy Policy. The templates on the site can be modified to your paste. It covers all the basics, but as a business owner, you will know what exactly suits you the most. It takes only two steps and two minutes to generate Privacy Policy on live chat.

Firstly, fill in the form correctly. Note, the site doesn’t know the details of your business, thus legal advice can’t be provided for you, or any legal documents adjusted to your particular requirements.

Secondly, you generate your Privacy Policy, make sure you go through it to be sure that’s what you want and it’s applicable to your business and it meets the necessary requirements. Private Policy are also updated here on Live Chat, keeping your privacy policy up to date can save you a lot of trouble, and Live Chat tool is accessible and available to everyone.


Docracy is an open-source, a standardized privacy policy that can be used to generate and customize Privacy Policy. The standard Privacy Policy was provided by experts and hosted by Docracy, and can provide a good starting point for many common app types. To customize or improve, branch the document. Then when you submit your apps simply link to your policy. More so, the best starting point can be selected from this open-source:

  • When using Geolocation
  • When showing Ads
  • Just the Basics
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For App Developers:  Docracy can provide a good starting point, and host your actual policy. Major App stores are now required to inform users of app privacy policies. App Developers can just pick any of the three listed above options, then Branch and customize it, you then link to the mobile URL in the app store. Your users will see the latest version, as you update your Policy on Docracy.


TermsFeed is the best legal pages generator online. However, it’s not for everyone, and its free templates will only get you so far. TermsFeed auto-generates your documents based on your answers to questions regarding your business. It’s quite simple. Just click Generate Agreement and choose from the menu.

Next, TermsFeed makes you fill out a questionnaire about the nature of your services. For example, whether or not you collect email addresses or ask for location data.

TermsFeed constantly monitors the legal landscape. If the law changes, you are notified with the required updates instantly.


Avodocs is the perfect solution for startups and small businesses. They propose free access (really, no strings attached), user-friendly interface and easy to start solution for those who need to draft the documents fast and cheap. The content is good and balanced.

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Avodocs is not a law firm neither a substitute for an attorney or law firm. They also provide self-help services at what you need specifically. Communications between Avodocs and the people using the site are protected by the Privacy Policy.

App Privacy Policy Generator

This app is also known as Firebase App Policy Generator. You can download and use Firebase if you’ve created a mobile app that collects personal information from people. Just enter a few details and you’re done, the tool lets you create a Privacy Policy for both android and iOS apps. Firebase also creates privacy policies for free, open-source, freemium, ad-supported, and commercial apps. Google Play services are also included in the privacy policy of third-party.

More so, it’s a simple tool that instantly generates privacy policies for an app without even requiring for an email confirmation.

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7 Websites That Let You Generate Privacy Policies For Free
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