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5 Places to Generate QR Codes for Free

5 Places to Generate QR Codes for Free

QR is an acronym that stands for Quick Response. QR codes are fully called Quick Response Codes. They are matrix barcodes that first originated in Japan in 1994 for the automotive industry.

QR codes can be read by machines and are optical labels that usually carry information or data about the item onto which they are attached. QR codes are important in today’s world because they are more efficient, useful and store much more data than the standard and old-school bar codes.

QR codes can also store different types of data ranging from URL links to geodata to texts etc. Also, you don’t necessarily need an old-school hand-held scanner before you can scan a QR code. QR codes are scannable by most modern smartphones. This gives QR codes a huge advantage over the standard bar codes. The rise in the use of cell phones in today’s world and mobile applications has given rise to more need and usage of QR codes.

Putting all that definition and introduction aside, let’s move on to the reason you’re reading this piece. Below, we will be listing our top 5 recommended free-to-use QR generators for you. There are a number of tools on the internet that are available for you to generate your free QR codes. Whatever purpose the QR codes will serve for you, these tools we recommend below will generate the QR codes for you effectively and for free too.

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This is a free QR code generating tool that enables its users to create QR codes both on iPad and iPhone devices. Also, after generating your QR code with VisualCode, you can store the QR code, share the QR code or even print it out on whatever item you want it on. You can also use Siri, your Apple assistant to display your favourite QR code. This online QR generation tool makes the top on our list because of how easy it is to use and how effectively it gets the QR generation job done. The QR codes generated can be scanned by most Android devices, hand-held bar code scanners, barcode scanning apps, iPad camera etc.

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Quick QR Code Generator

This is a Chrome extension that can only be used on your PCs. The QR generation tool is able to run offline and it has many functions. It can convert any page that you are working on into a QR code. All it takes is just one click. The extension is entirely free to use by everyone. It offers realtime QR code generation, you can customize the colour and size of your creations, you can also create a QR code with a logo of your brand attached. This QR code generator is very handy and useful for you and you can get the work of QR code generation done real quick and without any hassle. It is used by up to 300,000 users and it also runs offline.

Link to QR

This free QR code generator allows for full customization of your generated QR codes. You can choose to attach your brand name to the QR codes you generate, you can change the border shape of the QR code from a perfect square to a perfect circle, you can give the QR code a transparent background or a plain white background depending on your taste. Also, the QR code can exist in any colour of your choice from the standard black colour of QR code to green, pink, purple or any other colours. Once you have successfully designed and created your QR code, you can save it to your device, share or print.

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Visualead will help you create your own visual QR code for free. Visualead said on their website that their aim is to create and allow for better interactions between brands and their customers. Visualead does not only deal in the generation of QR codes, but they also deal in scalable cloud architectures, machine learning, security and encryption process etc. The company is from Israel and they have partnered with many top brands like DailyNews, eBay, Alibaba and more. They are also constantly developing new technologies and innovations to improve their QR code generation game.

QR Menu Creator

This website allows you to share a QR code with your customers and they will instantly be able to see your menu once they scan it. You can also update your menu at any time and it will automatically be updated in the QR code. You don’t need to reprint the code again. Menus, as in Restaurant menus, can be made digital using their tool.

Also, due to these COVID-19 times, you can create a digital menu instead of a physical paper one that has the risk of spreading COVID. Top restaurants like The Red Cafe, Relish, Sushi Street, etc., already use QR code menu to show their customers what they have in their restaurant to serve them.

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These 5 tools we shared with you are really fantastic QR code generators. You can pick the tool you prefer especially based on the type of QR code you need, and for the purpose, you need it for.

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5 Places to Generate QR Codes for Free
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