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5 Trusted Apps For Saving Your Passwords and Credentials

5 Trusted Apps For Saving Your Passwords and Credentials

When it comes to saving important things, we need to be careful. It is very easy to misplace very important things like passwords for instance. Your membership information, insurance cards, Wi-Fi passwords, all need to be kept safe. We can’t put all of this information in our heads and always remember them. It’s very hard. This means that you need options of places where you can keep all of this information and retrieve them when you need them. In this article, we will be recommending the top 5 places that have been tested and trusted by users, where you can save/store all your passwords and credentials. Let’s check them out.


LastPass is a secure website that can help you with storing all that delicate information. Since a lot is happening online, we now work online, chat with friends and family online, and do a wide variety of things digitally. LastPass allows individuals to stay safe through it all. With LastPass, you will have safe access to all of your passwords and credentials whenever you need them. You can use LastPass for yourself or for business purposes.

LastPass will also serve as an auto-pilot for all of your passwords, no matter the device you are saving from. All you need to do with LastPass, is to signup, log into your account and you’re good to go. The moment you save a password with LastPass, it will always be there. You can come for it, whenever you need it.

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LastPass also makes online shopping very easy for individuals. Many times, filling information on shopping websites can be very tedious. Because let’s face it, they ask us to fill in a lot of information. So, once you have saved all of this information with LastPass prior, LastPass will automatically fill all your details for you. Your LastPass profile is all you need to stay connected. You can also share these stored data and information with co-workers, family or friends if you so wish.


Keeper is a personal password manager. Keeper will help you to store all your passwords for all your accounts and by so doing, protect you from cyberthreats. Keeper is also a good option when it comes to cyber defence web tools. There is the Keeper Family package that allows you to protect your whole family from cyber thieves and hacks. You can also protect your business or corporation with the Keeper Enterprise package. Keeper is totally easy to use and is a very flexible security platform.


Dashlane is a very good option for you to entrust with your password storage. Dashlane will help you to generate very random and strong passwords for your cybersecurity needs. Dashlane advises their users that the more random and strong their online passwords are, the more secure they become online/in the digital world. Dashlane does not only create passwords for you, it will also save these passwords for you and autofill your passwords! This means a very simple and easier life you will be having online.

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They also promise to never sell your private information and their platform is completely ad-free. Dashlane is rated by top web companies like Trustpilot, Wired, etc. There is also the Dashlane for Business package and the personal Dashlane manager for you in your profile.


This is a good password manager and security company that you can also put trust in. The platform is totally easy and safe to use. You can access your passwords and information from multiple devices in one Passwarden account. The data you store with them are safe with efficient encryption protocols. You can also share your data with your team and family securely. You can store personal information like SSN, ID cards, driver’s license, etc. You can store payment information like credit card info etc. All with Passwarden.

Google Passwords

Google the Lord of digital creations also has a very good option for you. And we assure you, you can completely trust Google. Google Passwords has a Password Checkup tool that helps to run a check to see if your passwords were exposed in any third-party breach situations. It will also advise you whether to change your passwords or not, depending on the situation. Google Passwords will save your passwords, autofill for you, keep a record of all the sites you have passwords for etc. All you need to get started is a Google account.

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Conclusively, all the 5 recommendations above are fantastic options that you can entrust your information with. Whether the information is a password, credentials, payment info, etc. They are really effective at their security job.

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5 Trusted Apps For Saving Your Passwords and Credentials
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