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How To Download Your Udemy Course Certificate On Mobile

In my previous post, I talked about places to get expensive Udemy courses for 100% free. You can click here to check out that post If you haven’t. In this post, I will be talking about how to download your Udemy course certificate on mobile If you have finished watching the course content. But before […]

5 Places to Find Expensive Udemy Courses for FREE [100% Discount]

Where to find expensive Udemy Courses for free [100% Discount] at any time! Very often, Instructors on Udemy would put a discount on their courses for a limited time. The discount could be 10%, 100%, 86% or any percentage they want. It’s entirely up to them. These coupons would make the courses available for free […]

How to Increase and Decrease Udemy Playback Speed

As most of you already know, I’m a big Udemy fan (I hope that makes sense). Sometimes, an Instructor might sound slower or faster than you would expect them to sound while teaching you a course and you would want to change that. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to Increase and Decrease […]

Get Udemy Courses With Certificates for Free

I made a tweet about how to get Udemy courses to your email daily for free awhile back and I realized a lot of people missed it. I don’t have so many twitter followers anyways. How does this work? There is a platform that would send you Udemy courses daily with free coupons to get […]

How to Download Your Udemy Courses for Offline Study

I have taken all kinds of courses on Udemy. From SEO training on how to rank 1st on Google to Stock Market Investing for Beginners. On average, I take 2 courses a week – a personal decision I had to make because I stopped reading as much as I used to. How am I able […]

How to Make Money From BitDegree

What is BitDegree? BitDegree has been in the online Education space for a while. So, what is BitDegree? BitDegree is an online course-providing platform focused on teaching people digital computing skills such as web development, data mining, database manipulation, creating games, blockchain development and more. It’s like Udemy, but more focused on Blockchain, Crypto Trading, […]

5 Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria

So, working as a Product Manager is cool but It’s not all rosy like you think. If you want to go into Product Management in Nigeria, you’d need to work with teams and team members who will be required to meet goals and targets (KPIs). You have to work with these teams and team members […]

5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses

A newbie to email marketing? Look no further, we present to you, 5 websites to find free email marketing courses. Email marketing is an essential and indispensable part of internet marketing. Without it, many sellers on the internet will be unable to reach their potential clients to market their products. When a company has gathered […]

The Money List – Extended

[WP-Coder id=”1″] The Money List is a compilation of websites that truly pay on the internet, how to earn from them and then some tips to help you spot the ones that won’t pay or even waste your time. WHY THIS EBOOK? I would have become a millionaire in 2010. Here’s why:  Data subscription was […]

5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design

User Interface Design and User Experience design are two very different things but they are both interconnected. User interface design is the design of interfaces for computers and machines. UI/UX designers are heavily involved in the design process for gadgets. These designers design and create user-friendly interfaces for users that would have otherwise found it […]

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