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5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design

5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design

User Interface Design and User Experience design are two very different things but they are both interconnected. User interface design is the design of interfaces for computers and machines. UI/UX designers are heavily involved in the design process for gadgets. These designers design and create user-friendly interfaces for users that would have otherwise found it hard to understand the complex technical product.

The Differences Between UI and UX

UX is different from UI. UX is fully known as User Experience and it is the type of design that optimizes a user’s experience while using/interacting with a product or service on computers. While UI is constituted of all the elements of a product, service or app, that users interact with. They are quite different as you can see.

5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design

So, having outlined the differences between UI and UX, let’s look at the main theme of this article, shall we? You want to learn UI and UX design, but you don’t know where to begin your journey. This article will outline 5 (plus a bonus one), places on the internet or websites where you can learn UI/UX design and also practice or sharpen your skills. Yes, these places exist on the world wide web. So, let’s see them, shall we?

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Uxcel is your sure go-to if you want to build your design skills very fast. Because design is everywhere we look in the world nowadays, whether offline or online, you can join the team of design experts and succeed in this design-centric world with the help of Uxcel.

The good thing about Uxcel is that you can start entirely for free. The learning experience with Uxcel is simple, fun and highly focused on what you need to get the UI/UX skills you need. You get to learn about typography, principles of UI design, colour theory, and more. We definitely recommend Uxcel as a great place to start your design learning process. To use Uxcel is not entirely free, but you can start for free at first then switch to Premium packages later.

UI Coach is a UI design challenge generator that helps you to generate UI design challenges that include project ideas, colour palettes, font pairings, illustrations etc. All you need to do is visit their website to generate a challenge and start practising. This website allows you to become a UI designer at your own pace. The project ideas that will be generated will resemble real-life project works. And we all know that the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. That is, by practising consistently.

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Springboard is a good option for you to learn UI/UX design. There, they will teach you both UI and UX and all the necessary skills you need to land a designer job. According to Springboard’s report, UI/UX design jobs are among the fastest-growing jobs in the past year.

In order to learn UI/UX design with Springboard, you don’t need to have a design background. All you need is a good eye for visual design and the ability to put yourself in the user’s shoes. You also do not need to quit your job and the platform is very flexible for learners. Springboard has a personalized learning system where students get mentored one-on-one every week of learning by an expert UI/UX mentor. You can also get coached by a dedicated career coach on a one-on-one basis.

UX Planet

UX Planet is your one-stop website resource for learning anything related to User Experience. They also publish very helpful articles on their website to read in order to learn more about the whole design process. There, UI/UX designers share write about their experience in the design world and share tips to others on how to get there.


If you are familiar with learning courses online, then you have probably heard of Udemy. Udemy is a highly rated website for taking courses on subjects of interest digitally. They are a top-notch option for learning online or on the internet. Now, when it comes to learning UI/UX design, Udemy has you covered. Their UI/UX design courses are well tailored for students to learn design expertly. Though the courses cost some dollars, they are still precious places to get trained to be a UI/UX designer.

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Yeah, YouTube is the ultimate platform where there are tons and tons of videos on basically everything on this earth. And that is not excluding UI/UX design as well. All you need to do is search for “UI/UX” and you’ll find YouTubers who are experts in design. With YouTube, the pace and rate of your learning depend entirely on you.

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5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design
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