How to Make Money From BitDegree

How to Make Money From BitDegree

What is BitDegree?

BitDegree has been in the online Education space for a while. So, what is BitDegree? BitDegree is an online course-providing platform focused on teaching people digital computing skills such as web development, data mining, database manipulation, creating games, blockchain development and more. It’s like Udemy, but more focused on Blockchain, Crypto Trading, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, dApps, Blockchain Development and Digital Skills.

Is BitDegree free?

Some courses on the platform are free and the others are quite affordable.

How to Make Money from BitDegree

BitDegree has an affiliate program. This extremely beginner-friendly BitDegree affiliate program offers an unmissable opportunity to earn money quickly straight from the comfort of your home. The people you refer to BitDegree don’t have to buy a course for you to get rewarded. If they buy a course, you will earn 30% commission for every sale. If they don’t buy a course, you will earn 20 BDG tokens for every free active referral. Yes, BitDegree offers rewards for referrals that don’t buy anything, too!

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How can I apply to become a BitDegree affiliate?

This is also simple. Click here to register on BitDegree.

Then visit this link to register as an affiliate.

That’s all you need to do, really.

Do I have to pay or get chosen to become a BitDegree affiliate?

No, you don’t need to pay any fees and there are no restrictions to becoming a BitDegree affiliate – anyone can do it. In that way, BitDegree provides users with one of the easiest ways to make money online and from home.

How does BitDegree Affiliate program pay?

At the moment, you can receive your earnings in traditional currencies (such as USD/EUR). The payments will be transferred into your PayPal account.

How to Make Money From BitDegree
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