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Year: 2014

OkadaBooks Is Now On Amazon’s Appstore For Free

Credits: OkadaBooks/Amazon page yes, the android app is now on Amazon’s Appstore. This is a brilliant move by the developers and I’ll tell you why. I recently did a tutorial on How to install Okadabooks on Blackberry In 5 Minutes, on that tutorial, you’d notice you can’t actually use the Android playstore App on your […]

Women And Impulse Buying

If Impulse buying was a sin, everyone would have committed it. The funny thing about this topic is that most individuals do not know about it, even while partaking in it. That is why we are sharing this topic. In fact, You will be shocked at the end of the day. Impulse buying is an […]

How To Install OkadaBooks’ App On Blackberry In 5 Minutes

OkadaBooks .Apk For Blackberry If your Blackberry Phone runs Android Apps, Simply Download this .apk version i uploaded here, V.2.2.3 (12/7/2014) and Install it in your blackberry. It works very well. Infact, you could skip the tutorials in this page. You wouldn’t need it. But it’s advised you go through the page if you’re not sure your […]

Christmas Chicken?: Diseases Caused By Chicken

Maybe it’s not chicken alone, maybe i’m talking about all kinds of meat but you’d probably start swearing if i ask you not to eat any meat on Christmas. And some people hate fish “because of what they do in water”— It’s a quote. hehehe Both loved for it’s meat and eggs, Chickens can be […]

Goodreads Choice Awards: Results For Best Books Of 2014

If you tell me people don’t read anymore, then you better tell me why you said that and where Goodreads’ 3 million votes came from. People read and they have given us all the hope we all need to finish one book or another.   This year, Goodreads, the website devoted to pairing up eager […]

26 Reasons: Why I Love Words, Stories And Writing

Hmmmmm….. With the power vested in me by Charles “Oliver Twist” Dickens and Stephen “He Wrote Carrie” King, i hereby pronounce a fervid, thoughtless notion towards this particular topic and all the mind-boggling words you just read. you have the right to leave a comment, whatsoever, when you’re done reading… Translation: He’s trying to give you […]

How To Break Up With A Man The Right Way

Okay, Take your time with him at night and on the next morning, bake him a cake with a large “waving” hand sign on it and drop it on the table before he wakes up… or, you could just order the cake if you don’t want to get your hands messy… kapish? LOL. That was […]

Photos: 15 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Writing

The greatest investment you can make is within yourself but what happens when you’re all scared, blocked or wandering on paper? Writers block, discouragement…whatever your circumstance, here’s 15 memorable quotes that will push you up and further.     Recommended: 5 Ways To Turn Your Imaginations Into A Book       Recommended: 5 Qualities To Look […]

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