Credits: OkadaBooks/Amazon page
yes, the android app is now on Amazon’s Appstore. This is a brilliant move by the developers and i’ll tell you why. I recently did a tutorial on How to install Okadabooks on Blackberry In 5 Minutes, on that tutorial, you’d notice you can’t actually use the Android playstore App on your blackberry, even if it runs an android Operating system. In fact, that is why most Android enabled Blackberry users never thought it could work.
Now you don’t need to worry about it because the same app on Google Playstore is what is now on Amazon’s Appstore. So users with difficulties accessing the playstore can get it from appstore, regardless the device, as long as it runs Android Os, the Okada will start in your phone. Brilliant? I said that too. You could checkout the page here
In my next post, i’d be showing you how to download and install the OkadaBooks app from the Appstore.