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How To Install OkadaBooks’ App From Amazon’s Appstore In 5 Minutes

A few hours ago, OkadaBooks landed on Amazon’s Appstore. I already have a post on that here. As promised, i’ll share the steps i took to install the app on my Blackberry and a friend’s Android device. It works for both, same process as long as your Blackberry has an Os 10 operating system; it runs 98% of All Android Apps (Blackberry products from last year.)

While on my research, i figured there are a number of ways to install this app. However, those ways are time and data consuming and to avoid that, i’d show you the easiest way you could do it all in one phone… in 5 minutes.
Installing Amazon Appstore
Note: If you already have Appstore in your phone, skip these installation steps
Step 1: Simply click here to Download Amazon Appstore (or just Google it) It is free. Install the app after downloading it
Step 2: Open the newly installed app and sign in with your amazon account. if you don’t have an Amazon Account, simply select “sign up” and fill in your details. (See screenshots below)


Installing OkadaBooks
Step 3: After you’ve successfully logged in with your new or existing account, tap the search button at the top-right-hand side and search for OkadaBooks (It is the only app you will see with the name.) See Screenshots below
Step 4: Click and Download it by tapping the FREE button at the right-hand-side (see image above). Here is the “frowny” part, it will pop up a page and ask you to fill your “Address Details,” do not panic or close the app (It’s an Amazon “thing”) you won’t be charged a dime. just fill it… See screenshots below 
Step 5: Click Finish (see image Above) and Download your OkadaBooks App. (see image below). When you’re done, you could either open it or share the app with friends or do both (See sharing methods in last image)




Yup, easy. It should take 5 minutes to set up and if you have the Appstore App already in your device, then it should take less than 2 minutes. The Appstore works like your Google Playstore app on Android and there are other apps there too. This is the easiest and time saving method…. 5 minutes…. or less
How To Install OkadaBooks’ App From Amazon’s Appstore In 5 Minutes
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