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How To Break Up With A Man The Right Way

Okay, Take your time with him at night and on the next morning, bake him a cake with a large “waving” hand sign on it and drop it on the table before he wakes up… or, you could just order the cake if you don’t want to get your hands messy… kapish? LOL. That was a joke, don’t mind me. He’d probably invite his friends over, thinking it’s a party.

Usually it’s difficult to break up with a man you’ve
shared some times and things with; things you’d probably not share with anyone. But sometimes it just has to happen due to one reason or another. Here’s how to let go or making him let you go.
1. Find some time to do it in  private. Do not make a scene or make it look like “the epic break up of the century.” If you do, it might hunt and hurt you more than him.
2. Do not do it online
3. Do not bring up excuses.
4. Do not make him feel like he’s not worth a thing or out of your league
5. Do not build up long stories. Go straight and do tell him he’s sweet.
6. If he’s a bully or ill tempered person, do not engage him. Just let him spill out his words… then leave.
7. After all is said and done, go out to the movies with a friend or something. Do not stay indoor and if possible, don’t think about it.
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How To Break Up With A Man The Right Way
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