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26 Reasons: Why I Love Words, Stories And Writing

Hmmmmm….. With the power vested in me by Charles “Oliver Twist” Dickens and Stephen “He Wrote Carrie” King, i hereby pronounce a fervid, thoughtless notion towards this particular topic and all the mind-boggling words you just read. you have the right to leave a comment, whatsoever, when you’re done reading… Translation: He’s trying to give you the impression that he’s obsessed and drunk with words and great authors.
37 posts ago (or so) on this same blog, i was writing about relationships and screenwriting and motivation and all those things people write about when they have nothing to write about, but that’s something to write about because my readers peopled and they seemed to want more. It might not happen again. In fact, i was writing it then because i felt like writing while i was working on a Movie script (screenplay).
I Just felt like writing then and i did. Now, i’ll tell you why i get excited at the words that fall off the mouths of ordinary men and cherish the imaginations of weird people… or so it seems. Lets do it like David Letterman’s Show without the countdowns.
1. Writing allows me create anyone, anywhere and at anytime
2. I could talk about things i love through writing without opening my mouth
3. I can write what i like (or love)
4. Writing helps me create new worlds
5. I like it when my character says something i didn’t think up… Then it becomes mine
6. I like filling an empty person/environment with details
7. I feel like a god when i write
8. I can make the rules, break the rules, bend the rules and punish myself without hurting myself
9. I can work, walk and welter in my stories
10. It opens doors to so many opportunities like screenwriting
11. It gives me the opportunity to meet writers outside my country
12. I can make the bad people cry and wipe the tears of the just
13. I can make money through writing
14. I have made money while writing
15. Writing makes me happy
16. I am a teacher when i write… maybe i feel like one but i sure do great at passing valuables
17. I do not disturb my neighbors or friends when i write
18. I can chose what time i write.
19. I can go anywhere without moving anyway
20. When i write, i feel like i’m reading/learning
21. Writing is one of those things i do without moving, just like toileting
22. Writing is better than toileting
23. I don’t have to talk or explain anything to anyone when i write
24. Writing makes me feel good
25. When i write, you can’t tell me to shut up
26. I can live forever on paper.
26 Reasons: Why I Love Words, Stories And Writing
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