The Money List – Extended


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Honourable Mention

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Bonus Resources
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  1. A Barter Alternative for Generating Dollar Cards
  2. How to Send Yourself Messages on WhatsApp and how to find all the WhatsApp Groups You’re in
  3. 5 Websites that lets you create invoices for free
  4. In Nigeria? You Should Invest In these Ideas
  5. A Free Spreadsheet for Tracking/Calculating your Income and Expenses
  6. A Major Reason to use ALAT by Wema
  7. You Can Now Make Money From KudaBank
  8. How to Open an Additional Account with your existing GT Bank Account
  9. How to Sign Up on Flutterwave’s Barter
  10. Paypal Alternative: Open a Transferwise account to send and receive money from South Africa, US and more
  11. Some really helpful tools on the Web
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