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A Major Reason to use ALAT by Wema

Magnus Okeke I am Magnus

I’m beginning to like ALAT by Wema…

This is not a sponsored post

For some months now I’ve been struggling with my Google Drive account – Upgrading it from the basic 15GB plan to 100GB (or other higher sizes) has not been easy working. I have tried two GTB cards that are international transactions enabled and a FirstBank card I’ve owned since like forever. I have fasted, prayed and wished it’d just stop telling me to try other cards. Then I looked up ways to upgrade my Google Drive account from Nigeria – hacky, stressful and almost fraudulent. I gave up.

I gave up until I had 14GB/15GB left and a red warning/notification at the top of my Gmail account. So I decided to try again with the ALAT card I recently received from, well, ALAT. I didn’t want to use the card at first, maybe because I didn’t work so hard to get it.

I had registered on for free, requested a card and they had it delivered to me a few days later… for free. I was suspicious. So I kept the card for about two months until I lost My Firstbank and GTB cards… long story

Long story short, I recently transferred N1000 to the ALAT card (I was testing it), recharged my MTN line with it then tried Upgrading my Google Drive account with it. It worked!

I will show you how I activated the card for international payments in the screenshot below:
Alat by Wema I am Magnus

Now, my Google account has been upgraded:
Google Drive Upgrade Nigeria

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Be Awesome!

A Major Reason to use ALAT by Wema
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