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5 Websites that let you create invoices for free

It is no doubt that Invoices are being used more than ever these days – Clients and employers are properly documenting payments made on a monthly or weekly basis for auditing in the future. Freelancers are also creating invoices for work done these days. I don’t have any data from a survey to prove all these but from experience, most clients will not pay you if you don’t send an invoice for a job done.

So here are 5 websites that let you create invoices for free. is free (per user/business) for life. It is highly customizable from logo to footer and there is a user guide on the invoice page for anyone who gets stuck while creating something fancy or looking for extra features. Apart from creating invoices and sending cost estimates to clients, you can also track & manage all business/personal expenses on


Although there is a pricing page on the website, Waveapps is 100% free. It’s not just an invoicing web app it’s an accounting software that makes it easier to run your entire business. Invoices are backed up, can be created in any currency, know when your invoices are viewed, Organize the content of your invoices with drag-and-drop line items and many more. All these for free. You don’t need a credit card to sign up.

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I used Freshbooks for almost all my invoices in 2017. It has the same features as the ones above. You can also charge late fees and automatically bill your clients recurringly with it.


Download as PDF, preview, print or save, Billdogg is simple and straightforward. And yes, it’s free. Billdogg makes money when you choose to let them and their partners facilitate payments for you. For example, if you choose to use their online payments feature via Stripe they’ll let them handle it and take a small percentage (0.5%) on top of it.

This invoicing website detects your location and suggests a currency format for that country. If you’re looking to give discounts within an invoice then use this as well

ClientJoy (Invoice Templates)

Clientjoy has over 100 Invoice Templates for Freelancers, Business Owners, Marketers and Agencies for free.

There are actually more free invoice generators out there, so if the one you use is not here kindly leave a comment below.
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5 Websites that let you create invoices for free
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