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This Website Pays You For Watching 1 Minute Videos

Perviewpays, an online blogging community pays you for watching every sponsored video watched on their platform. The platform shares its revenue with fellow community members whenever they watch sponsored video adverts. Their videos (which are mostly 1 minute or less in length) are mostly entertainment, news, infotainment videos. They also place adverts videos for interested […]

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Ipsam reprehenderit perferendis nisi et tenetur natus enim eos tempora rerum placeat voluptatem molestiae maiores consequatur dolorum ut ut animi unde maxime sunt qui nihil accusantium sapiente in ab distinctio minima harum sed in pariatur qui et est quae et saepe et impedit enim saepe explicabo qui assumenda velit nemo et et aut consequuntur necessitatibus aut reiciendis magni id cupiditate incidunt pariatur voluptatem quibusdam numquam ullam ea odio illo ab sunt est nihil nulla molestias magni non vero.

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Ipsum quaerat totam quod non voluptatem quidem vel exercitationem labore cum eaque quia quam praesentium doloribus id ex in maxime est magni dolorum quidem ullam ut et consequatur a amet distinctio cumque numquam quia doloribus et molestias ut rem voluptatem sit iste tempore quisquam aut sequi mollitia quidem neque illo vel est illo ipsum nihil quis est voluptas consequatur nostrum suscipit sed tempore qui ea libero atque delectus recusandae id tempore inventore autem ut est.

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A quia et cumque earum. Nostrum a nesciunt vero praesentium Vero totam non at neque rerum Velit quis enim Sit rerum iusto ratione et Est dicta consequatur beatae et hic et Nobis molestiae dicta rerum minima Molestiae maiores pariatur enim. Dignissimos in nihil quos. Est dolor et beatae aut hic Eaque omnis tempora ea ratione. […]

Why I Stopped Writing

I write, not because I’m Imaginative or brilliant or Introverted or whatever. I write because there is another version of myself that a lot of people don’t know about. There is this ME in me that is very quiet, muffled and unfit for society. Have you seen me dance before? God! It’s awful. I’m so […]


Neighbours are unpredictable; especially the friendly ones with their sweet country songs and decorated compounds. They could slaughter a man with a kitchen knife, drag his body to the back of the house to chop his corpse to pieces before burning him when you’d wave from across the yard and they would wave back with […]

Advertise your Product or Business on Radio for Free

Signals is a live conversational show that spotlights individuals who dare to do what they were born to do and those who make the transition. The Radio Show airs on Lagos Talks 91.3Fm on Saturday Mornings between 10-11am Numbers to call: 08091913913 or 08092220913 Going Places is a segment of the program where Business owners call in […]

A Major Reason to use ALAT by Wema

I’m beginning to like ALAT by Wema… This is not a sponsored post For some months now I’ve been struggling with my Google Drive account – Upgrading it from the basic 15GB plan to 100GB (or other higher sizes) has not been easy working. I have tried two GTB cards that are international transactions enabled and […]

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