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Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection With These 5 Apps

Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection With These 5 Apps

I had seen an app you can run in the background to earn some passive income a while ago but I didn’t pay attention to it. Not because I am rich but because there are so many apps out there that can harm your device or collect your data without your knowledge. Data mining is a thing… And sometimes, these apps can slow down your device. So, that’s why I didn’t pay attention.

I have done my research and ran my tests. Here are 5 Apps you can install on any of your devices right now to earn passive income. These apps share your internet bandwidth and pay you for it.

Some things you should know about these apps

  • This is free money but it won’t make you a millionaire overnight. You can earn as much as $50 per month for just using the app, nothing else.
  • You might earn a little less or more when you’re starting. This is normal. It depends on the traffic routed through your country…
  • You don’t have to refer anyone
  • You can run all the apps on your computer but I would advise doing that if you are not mining with your PC. I am currently running 2 of them on my PC.
  • Most of the apps on this list are on Android but I am not running them on my phone yet because my PC is the one connected to WIFI and I mostly work with it.
  • Will these apps slow down your connection? Not really. They use the same amount of bandwidth as watching two Netflix movies over the course of a month. You will never notice that much traffic in the background.

Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection With These 5 Apps

IPRoyal Pawns

IPRoyal Pawns app enables anyone to earn money by sharing their internet connection. All you need to do is create a free account, install their app, and you’re good to go! You can use your WiFi or your data plan to make sure no megabyte goes wasted!

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The App is available for Android, Macbook and Windows PC. They pay you through Paypal and BTC Cryptocurrency. You can withdraw your money once you have earned $5 and above. They also pay you when you refer your friends or complete a survey on the platform. Click here to get started


Honeygain also does the same thing but their minimum payout is $20. Their app is available for Windows, Macbooks and Android phones. You can refer your friends as well and earn a commission. They also pay via Paypal and Bitcoin. PayPal does not work all over the world, which means that if your country is on their list of countries that do not support PayPal, when you reach the payout threshold of $20, you would have to request a payout in Bitcoin or use someone’s else’s PayPal account (maybe a friend or a colleague has one, that is in a country that supports PayPal). Click here to use Honeygain


You are a Packeter on Packetstream. Packeters are compensated for sharing bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users all over the world have access to content on the internet through their secure network. Customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web from residential IPs to protect their browsing privacy. PacketStream uses PayPal to process customer payouts. The minimum cashout amount is $5.00. A 3% fee is applied to cashouts. Click here to sign up

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Peer2Profit buys your traffic and sells it for legal purposes such as SMM and data collection from open sources. You get a reward for successfully sold traffic. The more sources (Unique IP addresses or imported proxies), the more you can earn. However, you need to be patient and give an objective assessment of earnings after a while, for example, in a month.

They pay through BTC and you can also earn from referring your friends, not just by using the app. Their app is available for Android, Linux and Windows. Click here to sign up on Peer2Profit


Spider allows people to share their Internet connections but no private information. crawls the Internet for everyday data. Internet Service Providers generally have large data plans with huge quotas that are never fully used. They pay $1.50 per 10GB of data. Unused data is now worth some passive income and of course it is effortless! The best part is what happens when you tell your friends, they pay 25% of what your friends earn too!

Essentially you can earn a percentage of lifetime revenue for referring friends that earn with them.

Give them your PayPal account in your account settings and tell them when to send the money. Everyone is eligible to receive a payout if they have accumulated over $20.00. Click here to use Spider

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Here is a video about these platforms!

Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection With These 5 Apps
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