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This Bontel Flip Phone Should be Your Backup Phone

This Bontel Flip Phone Should be Your Backup Phone

I’ve been an evangelist of backup phones since my Nokia 6.1 Plus started having issues. The Nokia crashed on me one day and I was completely stranded. Then it happened again a few more times until I realized it was a general issue with Nokia phones at the time. I made a post about it here. This post is about my new Bontel flip phone.

This Bontel Flip Phone Should be Your Backup Phone

I recently purchased the Bontel flip phone on Jumia for about ₦5000. I thought it was really cheap and I wasn’t looking for anything huge. I just needed a phone with 2 sim slots, long-lasting battery life and small in size. The Bontel flip phone seemed like the best fit when I was checking Jumia. I also bought it because I miss flip phones.

Bontel Flip Phone Iammagnus

Here are some more details about the Bontel flip phone.


FM Radio: Yes
Memory: support TF card (up to 32G each)
Multimedia: FM, MP3, MP4
Language: Multi-language
Battery: 1000MAH
Camera: 0.08Megapixels
Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900
Dimension: 121.8*57.5*17.65
Flashlight: No (The pack said it has but I don’t see it yet)
File Manager: Yes

Bontel Flip Phone Iammagnus (2)

Additional Information

It also comes with an option to browse the internet but I don’t think the makers created it with that feature in mind. The internet option is very basic. So, if you plan to buy it, don’t do so with plans to browse the web with it. You might be disappointed. The Operating system is not Android or any high-end OS, so you can’t install apps.

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How to buy the Bontel Flip Phone

I would suggest using Jumia because that’s what I used. I use Jumia because I can file a return/refund within 7 days if I don’t like the product.

You can buy the red one by clicking here

You can buy the black one by clicking here

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below.

This Bontel Flip Phone Should be Your Backup Phone
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