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How to Generate a Dollar Card with Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa Magnus

In my last post, I talked about how Wallets Africa is a good alternative to Flutterwave’s barter but I realized you might need help understanding how it works since it’s new to some of us. So here’s a post on how to generate dollar cards with Wallets Africa.

What Is Wallets Africa?

Wallets Africa (formerly lets users send, receive money, and make payments through their phones. Wallets’ users can pay directly into bank accounts and Pay Utility Bills in Nigeria from the app or website. One of Wallet’s features (that everyone loves) is the dollar card feature that lets you create dollar cards on the platform. These dollar cards can be used elsewhere for all kinds of payments. International payments, mostly.

Wallets Africa was founded in 2016 and their headquarter is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Do I pay to Use Wallets Africa?

No, It’s like every other fintech app out there. You simply install the app on your Android or iPhone and register for free. The dollar card creation is free as well.

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How do I generate a Dollar Card?

First things first, sign up for free by visiting or install the app on your phone through Google Playstore if you’re on Android and Appstore if you use an iPhone. You get a free Providus Bank account number once you register. So this means you can have people send you money through your account number.

Go to Cards to create your card for free after registration.

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The card creation is free but you must have at least $10 to fund your account. Once you have the equivalent of $10 in your Wallets account, you can create your dollar card.

Is the Dollar Card Free?

Yes. for now. I hope it remains that way, lol

Are Wallets Africa Cards Mastercard or Visa?

So far, all the cards I have seen generated are all Visa cards. So, I think you can only generate Visa Cards for now.

I am really looking forward to the new features Wallets Africa will roll out. They seem to be doing almost everything you can do from your banking app except the dollar card generation option.

How to Generate a Dollar Card with Wallets Africa
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