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Month: September 2019

How to Generate a Dollar Card with Wallets Africa

In my last post, I talked about how Wallets Africa is a good alternative to Flutterwave’s barter but I realized you might need help understanding how it works since it’s new to some of us. So here’s a post on how to generate dollar cards with Wallets Africa. What Is Wallets Africa? Wallets Africa (formerly […]

A Barter Alternative for Generating Dollar Cards

Welcome to my latest article about a good Barter alternative for generating dollar cards if you’re in Nigeria, especially. Barter seems to be having this issue where, If the date (or date of birth) associated with your BVN is incorrect, you will not be allowed to use some of the features on the platform. One […]

The Easiest Way to Create an Overlay With Canva

I just realized I never shared this short video of how to create overlays on Canva that I made a while ago. What is an Overlay? An Overlay is like a layer that separates two parts of a design. It’s the layer between an image and the text on top of that image. An overlay […]

You Can Now Make Money From KudaBank

In my last post, I talked about Kudabank and why everyone is jumping on board to rock the platform after it rebranded from Kudi Money and now has CBN license to operate as an actual bank – It’s a bank, without a physical banking hall but they have an office. Where is KudaBank’s Office? 151 […]

Identity Kills, and you’re less important than your discovery.

We live in a world where everything is classified into specific groups, and even individuals in those groups are further classified into subgroups. In science, this may be priceless, owing to fact that it makes research much easier, faster and simpler (no need for repetition of procedures). For example, not all plants have the same […]

Why Everyone is Excited About KudaBank

Kuda recently launched its highly anticipated App, the KudaBank app for Android and iOS devices. Guess who tested the app on his Android phone and also gave feedback to the team? What is KudaBank? KudaBank was originally known as Kudimoney, a Nigerian fintech company focused on loans, like Paylater. They rebranded in June 2019 after […]

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