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10 Free Mockup Generators You Can Use Right Now

Need free mockup generators? Step into the spotlight! Mockup generators help to create prototypes of your UI or UX design ...
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5 Websites to Find Free Email Marketing Courses

A newbie to email marketing? Look no further, we present to you, 5 websites to find free email marketing courses ...
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6 Places to Sell Domains You No longer Use

Looking to sell domains? If you have a domain name you bought in the past but no longer use, and ...
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Paypal Alternatives: 13 Websites For Receiving And Sending Money to Nigeria

Paypal is a payment platform that operates and manages online payments in many countries all over the world. The American ...
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5 Photoshop Alternatives You Can Use On Your Browser

Photoshop is arguably one of the best photo editing software out there and it is used by a large number ...
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5 Best Blogging Platforms For Developers

We compiled this post because, in our experience, there are blogging platforms that are really made for Devs. While some ...
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5 Websites For Tracking COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Before Travelling

In 2020, the world changed a lot. Lots of things that we were able to do so freely in the ...
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Refer Businesses and Earn On Wallets Africa

You can now Refer businesses and Earn on Wallets Africa! #Reblogged from Wallets Africa "While this referral feature is open ...
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80+ Tech Trends From 2021 by Spacecadet

For some time now, Spacecadet has been sharing Tech Trends for every upcoming year and I found the one shared ...
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5 Places to Find Augmented and Virtual Reality Jobs

There is no doubt about one thing. This 21st century is the age where engineers, designers and programmers are never ...
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The Best 3 Apps to Spice Up Your Next Date

Many couples will tell you that it is so damn hard to keep a relationship in this day and age ...
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5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design

User Interface Design and User Experience design are two very different things but they are both interconnected. User interface design ...
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5 Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

Piggyvest is an online savings platform that allows you to save and invest, basically. Piggyvest has a large customer base ...
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5 Trusted Apps For Saving Your Passwords and Credentials

When it comes to saving important things, we need to be careful. It is very easy to misplace very important ...
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5 Places to Generate QR Codes for Free

QR is an acronym that stands for Quick Response. QR codes are fully called Quick Response Codes. They are matrix ...
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7 Websites That Let You Generate Privacy Policies For Free

Writing privacy policies for your app, website or product used to be a really difficult task because it required you ...
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5 Websites That Let You Create Logos For Free

Logos are an indispensable part of every business especially when it comes to branding, design and business image. In this ...
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5 Tools to Help You Enjoy Netflix With Friends

Your Netflix Experience can be optimized in simple ways, even when you don't know what to watch. We will be ...
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I have worked with Magnus during the development of an e-book app and website. he has continued to provide solutions to a high level. I have also worked with him with several other mini-projects which has shown his consistency with delivering successful solutions and being easy to work with.

I will always recommend him
Magnus is my Mentor, and one of the exemplary people I have had the opportunity of meeting. I have learned a lot from him, one of which is how invaluable it is to invest in people.

He is such an amazing person, everyone who comes in contact with him, testifies of it
Deborah Oyegue
Content Manager

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