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5 Tools to Remove Twitter Followers

5 Tools to Remove Twitter Followers

5 Tools to Remove Twitter Followers

You must’ve thought of making a spring-clean on Twitter when you see you don’t vibe with some of your followers anymore. After all, we go through incredible changes along the way. And we may not be the same person who happened to let that follower in once. However, even though making a fresh start on Twitter sounds incredibly relieving and fresh, it’s easier said than done if you’re thinking of “mass removing” your followers. So, let’s say you want to remove your 100 followers (no need to mention even higher numbers). Twitter does not allow you to get rid of them all at once. You’re supposed to pick up them all one by one and remove them from your followers manually.

This sure sounds tedious!

However, a spectacular assistant to handle this demanding job is Twitter Management Tools. The tools help remove many followers on Twitter in a matter of seconds.

Throughout this article, I’ll share with you the 5 Best Tools to Remove Your Twitter Followers and help you pick up the best among the tools on the market.

#1 Circleboom

Circleboom Twitter is the best’ all-in-one’ tool that helps clean or remove all your followers in one click!

If you need to force unfollow some or all your followers, you can use the “remove follower” feature on Circleboom. Circleboom allows you to filter your followers by various features, like their verification status and activeness levels on Twitter.

The filter options help “mass remove” your followers quickly based on your followers’ common characteristics. You can find inactive, overactive, egghead, fake, spammy, bot, etc., followers and remove them with Circleboom Twitter.

Plus, you can bulk-unfollow or remove all your followers by clicking on “Remove Selected Followers.”

Moreover, Circleboom Twitter is a super-comprehensive tool, and removing followers is the least it can do for you.

You can also get rid of your old tweets, retweets, likes, or Twitter archive, with the help of Circleboom Twitter. You can even delete your old replies mentioning accounts you don’t want in your life anymore.

Notwithstanding, the best thing about the Circleboom Twitter tool is its price plans. The tool provides high-quality service and a wide range of life & energy-saving features at prices lower than most other tools on the market.

Circleboom Twitter iOS app makes it possible to enjoy removing Twitter followers on your iOS devices!

#2 SocialOomph

SocialOomph is the second “follower remove tool” used for Twitter. It helps manage your Twitter account easily with its various features, like unfollow tool.

This way, you cannot spend long hours on simple but repetitive tasks like removing your followers manually by going to their individual profiles individually.

Apart from unfollow tool, SocialOomph also offers bulk scheduling posts and automated posting. So, the tool is pretty convenient for automating and optimize your Twitter experience.

A 30-day free trial is available for SocialOomph, but it requires credit card verification, which is likely to repel first-timer users.

#3 Crowdfire