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Losing Selfies With Emma Ohmagod and Vsix’s Birthday

Emma Ohmagod

I wrote a review on Emmahohmagod’s Loyal (Chris Brown parody) video in 2014. You can still read it here. I basically talked about how much we liked Emmahohmagod and how that particular video sucked. It was horrible, the video, I mean. A lot of people read the review and some liked it and agreed with me, one of them was Vsix Ejechi – Happy Birthday Vsix. A journalist and Library advocate, Six later assisted us at and is still part of the team. We are glad to have him amongst us.

I’m writing this to explain how I met Vsix (to mark his birthday) but back to Emmaohmagod’s review and what I learned from it.

Well, one morning, I got a Job at Cool FM through an OAP. I became her PR and content creator, some of you know her. I would later work from (and live) at the staff quarters for 9 months.

You know how you meet a celebrity and want to take a selfie with him/her? Well, I met a few and took pictures with them, the only person I couldn’t approach was Emma ohmagod. I was ashamed to… Imagine begging for a picture after saying his parody video was wack… LOL


In retrospect, I think Emma would have still allowed me to take a selfie because he’s a great guy/show produce, reviews and criticisms like mine made him a better person today. It’s how great people get better. I believe. … So, why would he give a fuck about a single dislike on a video?

Losing Selfies With Emma Ohmagod and Vsix’s Birthday
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