Losing Selfies With Emma Ohmagod and Vsix’s Birthday

I wrote a review on Emmahohmagod’s Loyal (Chris Brown parody) video in 2014. You can still read it here. I basically talked about how much we liked Emmahohmagod and how that particular video sucked. It was horrible, the video, I mean. A lot of people read the review and some liked it and agreed with me, one of them was Vsix Ejechi – Happy Birthday Vsix. A journalist and Library advocate, Six later assisted us at bookclubs.com.ng and is still part of the team. We are glad to have him amongst us.

I’m writing this to explain how I met Vsix (to mark his birthday) but back to Emmaohmagod’s review and what I learned from it.

Well, one morning, I got a Job at Cool FM through an OAP. I became her PR and content creator, some of you know her. I would later work from (and live) at the staff quarters for 9 months.

You know how you meet a celebrity and want to take a selfie with him/her? Well, I met a few and took pictures with them, the only person I couldn’t approach was Emma ohmagod. I was ashamed to… Imagine begging for a picture after saying his parody video was wack… LOL


In retrospect, I think Emma would have still allowed me to take a selfie because he’s a great guy/show produce, reviews and criticisms like mine made him a better person today. It’s how great people get better. I believe. … So, why would he give a fuck about a single dislike on a video?

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Losing Selfies With Emma Ohmagod and Vsix’s Birthday



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