2,000 Reasons Why ‘Emma OhMaGod’s Chris Brown And Pasuma In Ojuelegba’ Sucks

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Okay, seriously, one of the enduring reasons why Emma OhMaGod is still prevailing in the entertainment industry is because he picks up from where entertainers leave off… most times; turning their morally reprehensible songs to …well, some intellectual droll of his own… to us all. Regardless, I love his videos, e no easy. He has a special way of  saying, “I love to do it and I do it very well.” …fervid huhn! Well, i said “I” not “WE.” Don’t know what a bunch of guys is doing in his recent video, he wants to start overdoing it o. This is what most of my friends and me hate about this video…
Wait!, you might want to watch it again!

Pasuma is satsuma: Especially while he was on the phone with Chris Brown (Emma OhMaGod, whose “brownness” was only on his hair). The guy was just eying the camera while he was on the phone… WTF! who direct this one? Who send am, na only him waka come? He wasn’t even acting like paso (at all). Pasuma dey form fresh boy. Maybe it was his first time on camera. He had the words without the voice nor energy nor…. lets just rest the guy! Did he later sing in the video? nope!

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Scenery: So, Chris Brown performed in broad daylight, for naija… okay na! would have been better if it was later than that (Even if na 2:00am: We don’t want to know). Did anyone see Chris Brown’s “Loyal” (Loya, according to Emma OhMaGod) video? This stupid internet connection granted me access to watch it and it wasn’t even in the daytime (watched the beginning several times jawe). For once, we felt like watching his skits from the Cool Fm studio.

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In conclusion: Emma OhMaGod is better off on his own but there were some folks who made the video; the extras. The short guy killed it (He was the reason why i finished the video). Emma OhMaGod is still the one we all looked at and listened to…. because he is better off on his own, his instagram profile tells it all. He could prove me wrong tho! you never know what the creative guy could do next, Lil wayne ft. Osupa in Ojota? :p

You could download the video to your mobile at Gidi360.com  and do checkout His Blog for more videos… Loya!

2,000 Reasons Why ‘Emma OhMaGod’s Chris Brown And Pasuma In Ojuelegba’ Sucks
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