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Ace Blogger Lekksite, Commits Internet Suicide Over Adsense Click-Bombing

“Thats just the way it is. Some things will never change. That’s just the way it is. But don’t you believe them.” 
                        ― Malorie Blackman
The nation has just lost one of its clangorously useful source of information. Baba, we’ll (not) miss you, Gidi!!!
From L-R: Lekksite and Me! recently
The last time i met Lekksite was [@lekksite] was on Sunday the 28th of September 2014. We took a picture after church service and reminisced regarding his birthday which was supposed to come up on October 3rd. In our talks, he had talked about how he plans to lavish his entire savings on his upcoming birthday, buy me “something” and share his birthday rice. (He was reluctant on that one.. i tell you)
Just this morning o, i wore my favorite shirt, boarded a bus to Ajegunle (with my last card o…imagine!) . The conductor was just annoying me with a loop  phonation: “there is no change o, why you give me one thousand, where you dey go?… there is no change o” Hia, my last card. Scared, i called Lekksite’s number but it was switched off. When i finally made it to his father’s mansion, he was just sitting on the floor, looking dejected and dreary. It was a neighbor that later explained what happened.
On the eve of his birthday, Lekksite was blogging when he saw a message from Google [Adsense] stating that they have detected an invalid click activity. Immediately o, he stood up, picked his 82k laptop and smashed it. As if that was not going to be all, the same mail reached his 38k blackberry, he read it and threw the phone at his dad’s 42k flat screen. It was then his brother silenced him with slaps. He is still quiet since then and will definitely not be online for months… or years (In plural). As for me, getting home from Ajegunle is another thing, i’ll just trek it….. I’m only having 250 here…
Exclaimer! ::: This is an anxiolytic post and i am just using this opportunity to wish my half-brother a happy birthday! I love you bro!!! Hbd to Lekksite! #Ceo, …. God make you bigger!!!
Ace Blogger Lekksite, Commits Internet Suicide Over Adsense Click-Bombing
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