Month: October 2014

Download Video: How To Make A Book Cover With Microsoft Word

Making a book cover with a word processor like Microsoft word is something cool and i bet you’d love it. Earlier on, i embeded a youtube link of the same video Here, But it doesn’t display on mobile devices. So, here is the downloadable version of the Video. Link Below DOWNLOAD.MP4 Don’t forget to share […]

Video: How To Make Your Own Book Cover With Microsoft Word

Have you ever thought about getting a cool book cover for that short story or novel? I was pushed to find a way when someone charged me lots of money to make me a cover. This Video is detailed on making your own book cover with Microsoft word 2013 – yes, Microsoft word. Easy! The […]

Out Now: The Life Of The Abused | Olatunde Turner-Edem

                                 Author: Olatunde Turner-Edem Publisher and Printer: jee’grafi Ventures Editor: Sammy Sage Hassan It takes more than just words to report what it feels like to be abused, when it gets to be reported. I’ve been abused, verbally. For some […]

2,000 Reasons Why ‘Emma OhMaGod’s Chris Brown And Pasuma In Ojuelegba’ Sucks

Image Credits: Okay, seriously, one of the enduring reasons why Emma OhMaGod is still prevailing in the entertainment industry is because he picks up from where entertainers leave off… most times; turning their morally reprehensible songs to …well, some intellectual droll of his own… to us all. Regardless, I love his videos, e no easy. […]

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YouTube Video: Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection