Why My Mother Fights Soldiers

My Mother sells food on the way to the Barracks, 9 years now. Whenever Soldiers aren’t coming to the restaurant they’ll be leaving. Some tall, some short. They all have one thing in common: They never know what they want to eat. Oh yeah, and they are ugly. So that’s two things They walk in […]

Artistes never get nervous, probably

When an artiste is about to go on stage you’ll hear the fans screaming and waiting for the artiste to come on stage and sing hit songs. The songs the audience already know. Everybody starts jeering and cheering as soon as the artiste hit the stage. The artiste, now loaded with excitement starts singing and […]

Why I Stopped Writing

I write, not because I’m Imaginative or brilliant or Introverted or whatever. I write because there is another version of myself that a lot of people don’t know about. There is this ME in me that is very quiet, muffled and unfit for society. Have you seen me dance before? God! It’s awful. I’m so […]


Neighbours are unpredictable; especially the friendly ones with their sweet country songs and decorated compounds. They could slaughter a man with a kitchen knife, drag his body to the back of the house to chop his corpse to pieces before burning him when you’d wave from across the yard and they would wave back with […]

Is this observation a Lagos/Uniben thing?

I attended Auchi Polytechnic briefly while in Edo state for my Neco exams. That was a long time ago. I would follow Morse to his evening classes sometimes, wander around the school and meet his friends – One of them was a talented guitarist named Emma Songz. He’s dead now. I met other remarkable people who […]

The Story of The Famous OkadaBooks Jacket

The first time @okadabooks launched this Jacket and I wore it to school, some people laughed at me. A lot of people actually. Okechukwu Ofili and the team wore it but they didn’t mention anyone laughing at them. So I thought something was wrong with me I had two jackets at the time so I […]

On Girls and Phone Numbers

There was a time when we’d want to hook up with someone (girls, okay, girls) and worry that our phones were not shiny (or popular or expensive) enough to collect her number with… I was young… It suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. I just leave my phone at home sometimes and ask you to give me […]

Losing Selfies With Emma Ohmagod and Vsix’s Birthday

I wrote a review on Emmahohmagod’s Loyal (Chris Brown parody) video in 2014. You can still read it here. I basically talked about how much we liked Emmahohmagod and how that particular video sucked. It was horrible, the video, I mean. A lot of people read the review and some liked it and agreed with […]

Daydreams and Nightmares

I’m accustomed to having daydreams and Nightmares when I’m sick. Daydreams, well, because I stop working to rest my body then I fall asleep. The nightmares, on the other hand, are not really nightmares, nope, not all the time. Sometimes I’m being tortured, sometimes I’m re-living a good day in time, other times, actual Nightmares. […]

My Last Days At School 3

2017 was different things for different people. For some, it was the year they got married, the year they got a new stable job but for me, it was the year I graduated from the university. I finished since June last year and I was supposed to write this article around November like Shalom asked […]

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