The Acceptance teaser trailer i’m about to share was posted on the 25th of May. I wonder why i miss it all these days. Anyways, if you’re wondering what this is about… It’s a teaser trailer of one of the most amazing books we’ve ever read – Acceptance. Personally, i’d say the book is disturbing because you won’t want to drop it when you pick it up.

“When i read the blurb for Acceptance and i saw the book trailer, i was so wowed to tagging it Nollybook – The author’s visual interpretation of Acceptance is an indelible, positive strike on the contemporary mind, just the nibble of it, the trailer.”

Yes. I just quoted myself from my review on the book in November 2014.
Yes. That book is about to be a must watch Movie with stars like Idris Elba, Genevieve Nnaji and others as casts…

You could get Acceptance on: