Month: June 2015

[Okadabooks] The Difference Between Purchased And Reading List

Yes. Okadabooks 3.0 has a new feature, actaully a lot of features. If you recently updated your Okadabooks App and you’re wondering what the Purchased and Reading List features are, they are… well, new features. But what makes them so important? Where are they? The Purchased and Reading List features are on the recent version […]

…Computer Geek? How To Remember Rows And Columns.

I recently had a programming class and it really went well… but i barely understood anything after the second example,  thank God for friends… and Determination The intro to programming class was one of those classes you take after you’ve dumped word processors and spreadsheets… Many months ago. While in the class i bet most […]

How To Use Okadabooks Highlight, Bookmark And Audio Features

Before Okadabooks 3.0  there were some features i couldn’t cover in my Okadabooks tutorials and this topic is one of them…While reading with the Android app, you could switch to night mode, change fonts, increase/decrease brightness, highlight text or even make the app read an entire story for you… Read out loud!In this tutorial, i’d show […]

TED Talks Rides With Okadabooks For Free

Curled from @Okadabooks blog. In case you missed the recent updates, TED Talks is now available on Okadabooks. With Ideas worth spreading from your favorite speakers, writers and inspiring individuals across the globe, for free. Download the app for FREE on: Android Playstore || Blackberry || or from the Website

Disability in Marriage: The challenges of being a disabled Wife.

Samuel Forrest’s wife left her husband and filed for divorce just one week after giving birth to their son because she believed his disability would bring shame on the family. The wife, Ruzan Badalyan left her husband and newborn baby, because their infant son was born with Down’s Syndrome. Samuel Forrest’s wife filed for divorce […]

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