Disability in Marriage: The challenges of being a disabled Wife.

Samuel Forrest’s wife left her husband and filed for divorce just one week after giving birth to their son because she believed his disability would bring shame on the family.
The wife, Ruzan Badalyan left her husband and newborn baby, because their infant son was born with Down’s Syndrome.
Samuel Forrest’s wife filed for divorce just a week after the couple welcomed their little boy into the world, because she feared baby Leo’s disability would bring “shame” on her family.
But Samuel has vowed to be a good father to his son, and his story has inspired strangers to donate more than £114,000 to support the young family
. (Mirror.co.uk)
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This particular topic is for the women, against women. Because it’s very common among women who tend to easily get tired of a man’s weakness/lacking in performing his duties in marriage. Regardless, We’d focus on being the disabled wife and it’s challenges. Your opinions on this matter is very welcomed. There are so many kinds of disability in both Men and Women, but to cover this topic, We’d only talk about disability in women.
1. Sickle Cell: Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease. People who have the disease inherit two genes for sickle hemoglobin—one from each parent. Usually when a wife gives birth to a child and this particular child begins to show signs of Sickle Cell, the wife gets the blame. Usually, the man would forget he was also responsible for the child’s birth.
2. Amputation: This is usually considered worse than sickle cell as it affects the woman’s body part directly. When a wife losses a hand/leg, the man gets tired of taking her on wheel chair or supporting her. As time goes on, he might leave for days without checking on her or the kids, if there’s any.
3. Eye problems: This is also a well known disability for both men and women. As usual, the man gets fed up of the wife’s inability to see and leaves or brings up a divorce quarrel.
Your turn. What disability affects a woman most and why?

1. Depression
2. Anger
3. Bitterness
4. Hatred on the kids/family
5. Carelessness
6. Suicide thoughts
7. Inability to think straight
8. Feeling of rejection
9. Thinking
10. Loneliness 
Disability in Marriage: The challenges of being a disabled Wife.



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