Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart – The Prelude | Ayo Oyewumi

The blessings of Christ over His Church (And yes am a Christian; I believe in the full proof power of the Cross, its ability to save as it does through the name Jesus), plenty they are in number, with the abilities it comes with (for the blessing and its manifestation for some reason seem, seem two differing kettles of fishes entirely) numerous they are being trampled upon over a few UNSAVED hearts (that in capitals, for truly they are some unsaved hearts within the fold) most especially where I live in particular, arose my heart to these series of letters across the churches.
Now, never get me wrong, not as though the saving grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ has in itself not saved me and the people around me (in here do I speak locally; I speak of the quakes, the aches across my locality that has caused these groans within my heart of which I speak) neither does it seem as though the power that judges a lesser thing by a manifestation of something greater has not dawned on my people. It just remains as if a power, a force, a gripping as if a curse has dipped itself, establishing a wall, as though a hollow, a barricade, something disallowing (forgive these, whatever makes this clear is what am up for) those carrying the truth that Jesus saves, heals restores, those leading the pack, proclaiming the saving grace that comes from our master and King; glory to His name, has by their leadership held us bound, it stopped us. For it seemed when we should release, give forth with all that is within us, the onus of our persons. Great blessings stored within as from creation, we were stoppered by this. This …….. huh, pardon me, this DULL, this great wall, hindering us from entering the light, stoppered us from stepping into truth. Sigh, you could stop here if none of this resonates, if none of these ring no bell, this is not meant for you, but if you’ve ever been stoppered, told to ‘drop this thing’….’Let this be…’ ‘Here is how it’s been done’ ‘This is how we’ll continue’…. Well here’s harsh reality, you’re not in the fight. What fight? The fight of truth, the fight of blood, the struggle that those long before us stood, withstood, fought, lay hold unto … This my friend, is the fight for the faith … contentions within my spirit … Is it that thing that has me say ‘No’ then ‘Yes’? Well, still is… that thing that has me stop, then start again all over? Yes? Still that thing that would have me think, today? Tomorrow? Tomorrow would be like today? Yes that’s it. It compounds all our struggles… What’s my trouble? What’s my begrudging in the Church? What’s left me with distaste for glamour and a need to pen down my hurt feelings? It’s your distaste for this truth. Ever wondered if my life would go all better if I Just embraced it? Am in a fight, Am in a struggle ….. This’ll never let go…. It calls for blood; it involves my life … what is this fight? It’s my fight; it’s your Fight …
‘…. Contending earnestly for the faith that was once delivered ……….’

Jude 3    
Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart – The Prelude | Ayo Oyewumi



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