Month: May 2015

Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart – The Prelude | Ayo Oyewumi

Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart Credits:glogster The blessings of Christ over His Church (And yes am a Christian; I believe in the full proof power of the Cross, its ability to save as it does through the name Jesus), plenty they are in number, with the abilities it comes with (for the blessing and its […]

Enter The Okadabooks SuperHero Fiction Short Story Contest

It’s Okadabooks SuperHero Fiction Short Story Contest. Okay, This post is also on the @okadabooks page on Instagram. While the United Kingdom celebrates National Smile Month in this month of May and The last week of May is scheduled as Library and Information Week, has something in the air for everyone:           […]

Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart | Ayo Oyewumi

Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart Credits: robertnash30 Short has been my time, few and far in-between, my learning … Cross roads betwixt several experiences. Safe to say am not like a few of us who get spiritual experiences night and day :), no pun. I have, however, found this deep stirring in my soul, a […]

How To Upload Any Book Format On Okadabooks

Uploading Any Book Format Okay, earlier today i shared some Tips To Sell Your Books On then i got this email from Steven (not his real name) asking how he could upload his manuscripts on Okadabooks. Here it is… Note: “A MANUSCRIPT” is what your newly finished story is called before it is published. For […]

Missed Okadabooks Version 2? Get It Here

With it’s New UI and features the Okadabooks app has really improved over the last few rides, yup, the new version of the book reading app is so sophisticated it could save your phone from drowning but can’t save it from damaging in water. How? well if you’re running the new app, you wouldn’t let […]

My Life As An Author – Ibitola Ojoye Adebayo

Ibitola Ojoye Adebayo “The reasons I write these testimonies are because one of the greatest witnessing tools we have available to us is the testimony of a changed life. Whatever you want is usually easier to get than you think, as long as you are willing to adapt and do what is necessary. With me […]

But Who Is A Nigerian Geek?

Who is a Nigerian Geek? A programmer friend of mine was called for a web designing job in Lagos, on getting there, the staffs of the company where in a meeting and he was required in the same meeting for some reasons known to them. He walked in and the Oga (boss) of the company […]

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