Enter The Okadabooks SuperHero Fiction Short Story Contest

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While the United Kingdom celebrates the National Smile Month in this month of May and The last week of May is scheduled as Library and Information Week, Okadabooks.com has something in the air for everyone: 
                   Oh Look! It’s Another OKADA BOOKS Contest.
So, whats the Scoop?
You have until May 31st to submit a short fictional story on okadabooks.com about a Super Hero with Super Powers doing Super Things in a well Super Way. They want your story to blow them away but not so much … just enough to make them laugh and even cry.
– Story may not be longer than 1,117 words.
– Keep it PG-13. No R-rated romance or dirty language, We want people to like your Super Hero.
– Also ensure the book price is set to 0.00.
– The Finalist (Top 10 entries) will be based on the number of downloads multiplied* by the stories FINAL rating on June 14 at 12 midnight W.A.T
– A book with 100 downloads and a rating of 4.5 stars will score 450, while a book with just 30 downloads and a rating of 2 will be scored 60 points.
– Book downloads will reset to zero on May 31st so everybody has the same time frame to amass downloads. 
– However reviews/ratings will remain untouched.
– The finalists will be judged by our very own Okadabooks Mechanical Judges. And we would give extra points for original book cover designs and original Super Powers.
– And before we forget … your story title must contain the hashtag #SuperHero so we can find it in our back-end.
– The 10 finalists all get N10,000 in okadabooks credit.
– And the winner gets a brand new FLY IQ440 ANDROID PHONE
– Winners will be announced last week of June.
If you have questions about the contest, then contact Okadabooks at okada@okadabooks.com 
Enter The Okadabooks SuperHero Fiction Short Story Contest



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