Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart | Ayo Oyewumi

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Short has been my time, few and far in-between, my learning … Cross roads betwixt several experiences. Safe to say am not like a few of us who get spiritual experiences night and day :), no pun. I have, however, found this deep stirring in my soul, a need, to voice the truth, act a witness to this versatile, yet short standing ministry a few of us within the church can say; ‘Hell – yeah! (Pardon my French, *closed mouth), I see this consistently!’

Here’s a humming I came across recently


Shoo do doo shoo do doo, shoo doo doo oooo ooo ooo ooo, Sho do doo shoo doo dooo oooooooo (2ce)
Ring a bell?
If not, here’s another I Think you’ve heard …..
Micah Stampley’s “Another place”

We’re in another place in Him ……………..
That, A Psalm, Revolutionized worship experiences world round ….. You not left out…
If not?
Sure you’ve been at places where, be it your home, worship place; that a man, brother, sister, lady, herk! Could be you! Leading a totally meaningless humming, beat, song, to a totally meaningless compilation, yet with such spiritual recognizance, it brings you closer to the Father ….
The truth, friend, this…..
‘Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and Spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord’
– Ephesians 6:19
Glad to announce to you.
There, in Him, lies a learning, brief interface, your heart and His. This allowing that delight in spirit.
Notice there, a couple more…. ‘Psalms, Hymns, Singing’ hence the need for the use of the word ‘brief interface’, for this isn’t the only there is ……

Oh blessed be our God and Father, blessing us with all spiritual blessings they are ….. Ephesians 1:3
Boy oh boy, let me say, Should you give up that humming, key note that blesses your heart? Kindly not!. Be encouraged, Stick with. Could just be the next song that leads into Worship. 

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Fragments Of A Disgruntled Heart | Ayo Oyewumi



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