How To Upload Any Book Format On Okadabooks

Okay, earlier today i shared some Tips To Sell Your Books On then i got this email from Steven (not his real name) asking how he could upload his manuscripts on Okadabooks. Here iit is…

Note: “A MANUSCRIPT” is what your newly finished story is called before it is published.
For the mean time only Electronic Publication (EPUB) formats of books are allowed on OkadaBooks. Which means If you have other formats of your Manuscripts you’d need to convert them to .Epub, this tutorial is for you.
This is as easy as uploading your photo to Facebook (or downloading a friend’s photo)
Before you begin, I believe you have your manuscript fully typed and formatted. Do not worry about the format of your manuscript, it could be in pdf, doc, docx, or any other format
Step 1: Visit with the device you have your manuscript in. The website converts any of your book formats to any other format you choose. It’s very easy to use from the homepage if you select the Ebook Converter on the hompage. See screenshot below
Step 2: After you have uploaded your book. simply click on the Convert File button and you’re done. You’d be redirected to a page where you’d download your book in the output format you choosed. That’s all… see the image below
Conclusion: Once you have the newly downloaded .epub copy, go to fill in your book details and description including a cover (or use the default covers) and price then click on “UPLOAD EPUB” to upload your converted book. Once uploaded, click on “PUBLISH” and your book will do what you clicked…. publish.
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How To Upload Any Book Format On Okadabooks



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