How To Move, Copy or Delete A Book On OkadaBooks’ App

This is one of the most wanted tutorial so far on OkadaBooks App because you would want to delete a book after reading it, especially the free books or the ones you just don’t want to read anymore

Before we begin, there are a few things you must know.

1. [Updated] How To Delete A Book On Okadabooks

2. You are allowed to move a book from it’s downloaded folder BUT when you move the book from it’s predefined download folder, you won’t be able to access (read) it anymore from the app (but it will be there as purchased) you’d have to redownload it. The app won’t access the moved file, even if you move it back to the folder you moved it from

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3. If you copy a downloaded book to another phone, a laptop or share it, it won’t work (open) with other .epub* readers because books on OkadaBooks are encrypted (see image below)

In conclusion, Don’t move, copy or share a downloaded book from OkadaBooks. It won’t work. You can only delete a book. You can (but shouldn’t) copy or move a downloaded book, i already told you why.

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Like i wrote in earlier on a tutorial, All the books you have downloaded could be found there and they are in .epub versions. Blackberry/Android apps rarely comes with .epub readers, I guess its why the app was built with an .epub reader and for now, you can’t delete a book straight from the app but later versions will fix most of these limitations, definitely.

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Lastly, if you knowingly or mistakenly delete a book you already paid for, you won’t have to pay for it again, all you need to do is download it. Once you’ve paid for a book, it’s yours on the app, forever. Even when you login from another phone. All you have to do is redownload. You don’t have to pay again.

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How To Move, Copy or Delete A Book On OkadaBooks’ App



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