How To Manage Your Teens

A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range from thirteen through nineteen (13–19). They are called teenagers because their age number ends in “teen”. Being a teenager is something every adult has gone through, both male and female. It’s considered a very difficult stage in life because there are a lot of occurrences such as:

Mood swings
Character development
Sexual risk taking
Developing both healthy & unhealthy relationships
Eating or physical activity habits
Managing emotions
Violent relationships
Academic stress
And they become quick to anger because they mostly feel you don’t understand them and how they feel.
Life Stories

“When my daughter turned 15, she started sitting in a corner of the house quietly and gets angry when you call her name” __ Mrs Johnson

“I didn’t understand my own daughter, she suddenly started frowning at little corrections and stopped talking with me'” __ Mrs Gbenga


Dealing With Your Teens
Dealing with teens can be challenging because. The brain of a teenager is a work in progress beacause Studies show that the frontal cortex of the brain does not completely develop until a person is well into their twenties, sometimes early thirties So, Therefore, it is necessary for parents understand and help children in those trying times.
1. Sit down and LISTEN to them whenever they are angry, instead of yelling or talking
2. Do not use false words and lies to make a teenager like you, tell them the truth, even when it hurts
3. If they share their feelings through texts or chat, reply them
4. Allow them to be independent if they want to be
5. Be happy to see them and express it. Don’t treat them with suspicion
6. At this crucial time in their lives, they’re looking for someone to understand what they’re going through. We all need understanding, but your teenager needs it a lot more than you can possibly imagine and he/she needs it to come from you… give them an undivided attention
7. Be confident, firm, and consistent. Do not negotiate with your child
8. Think about how you speak to your child and to others around you. How often are you sarcastic or rude? Is your child picking up on your tone and the way you treat others? Try to adjust your own behavior
9. Teenagers often feel they need to prove themselves. Don’t quarrel or argue with them
10. Constantly screaming at a child will damage their emotions and cause them to be insecure as adults. No one (including yourself), likes to be belittled
11. Open your home to their friends. If you don’t, they might start going out to hangout with the wrong people
Dealings could be very stubborn and if they do not get adequate care or respect. They’ll take you for granted or breakdown emotionally. If they do not want to change or if you can’t change them, seek professional help.
How To Manage Your Teens
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