Exclusive Interview: Brendan Nsikak – “We Always Set The Pace For Others To Follow”

Creative Director, CEO Brendance and Crusader ltd. And Nigeria International Supermodel. The Producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria international Brendan Nsikak, studied at University of Uyo, Obafemi Awolowo University, Theater Arts and Drama, Also studied Poise and Etiquette and Pageantry in South Africa, Catwalk in France, Event Management and planning in UK, visit www.brendancecrusader.com . Seat back!, Relax!, And Enjoy!, as he opens up Exclusively on his Career, and his opinion on The Nigerian Entertainment Industry. Interview after photos


Aziz Adeshina-: Good Day Mr Brendan
Brendan Nsikak:- Good day Mr Aziz
Aziz Adeshina:- How are you doing?
Brendan Nsikak:- Am fine and u
Aziz Adeshina:- Am Great! Happy New Year
Brendan Nsikak:- Wishing u the same
Aziz Adeshina-: In few words, would you kindly introduce yourself to Everyone
Brendan Nsikak:- Gentle, Humble, Goal Getter, and poise is my life. Brendan Nsikak, CEO Brendance and Crusader ltd. And Nigeria International Supermodel. The Producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria international.
Aziz Adeshina:- Mr Brendan, how has the journey been as the CEO of Nigeria International Supermodel and also the producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria International?
Brendan Nsikak: with God all things are possible; it has been rough, with trial, temptations, and betrayal and fun, because it was ordained by God.
Aziz Adeshina: Last year you took home the Award for “Most Fashionable Male Pageant” at the Lagos Fashion Awards
Brendan Nsikak: Yes Sir, thanks all our fans home and abroad for voting us
Aziz Adeshina: Has there been other Recognition Awards
Brendan Nsikak: for the Brand or as a person?, As person yes. Three Times Best pageant Choreographer and Groomer in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state, Children Theatre Award of Excellence, Theatre Arts University of Uyo Alumni Excellency Award, Young Fashionable Entrepreneur Award, and many other. Still counting and many other Nominations this month so far and I know more still coming this year.
Aziz Adeshina: That’s really a Big Achievement
Brendan Nsikak: if u say so I have done nothing yet but Thank God for the journey so far
Aziz Adeshina: Mr Brendan if i may ask, how long have you been in Showbiz?
Brendan Nsikak: Wow!, It’s been 12 years, from Miss Nigeria in 2003, fresh from South Africa, I came to do the job then went back. But as an artiste, since I was under graduate.
Aziz Adeshina: Wow 12 years! It’s been a long time coming
Brendan Nsikak: Was very young and fresh lol as fresh graduate
Aziz Adeshina: So far so good what do you think has been your Greatest Achievement so far
Brendan Nsikak: I can’t say because I have not reach where am going, as individual still very far as Brand Brendance and crusader we are on the mark as Nigeria international supermodel we are just three but we have reach somewhere where many have not reach in many years
Aziz Adeshina: So are u saying the sky is your limit?
Brendan Nsikak: Starting point
Aziz Adeshina: NISM Nigeria International Supermodel. Am i right?
Brendan Nsikak: Yes Sir which has grown to be a Brand of its own now and her product is Mr & Miss Nigeria International powered by Brendance. And crusader ltd
Aziz Adeshina: So it’s now Mr & Miss Nig International?
Brendan Nsikak: That has been the title since last year’s Edition. For the current winners, that’s their title
Aziz Adeshina: Ok good to know, I must confess, Last year’s Edition turned out to be a Huge Success!
Brendan Nsikak: We thank God for it; “We Always set The Pace for others to Follow”.
Aziz Adeshina: So what you are trying to say is you always stand out among the rest?
Brendan Nsikak: u said so, our work speaks we don’t compete but our works and the name Brendan Speak volume Globally
Aziz Adeshina: Hmm. Interesting, Mr Brendan, in one Word, what is that very thing that makes you different from other Showbiz and Pageantries out there?
Brendan Nsikak: Big one, i think it is the content we produced. And this is what I studied I did not come into as others did; I did Beauty pageantry, poise and etiquette, catwalk and Event Planning and Management. And beside I have a strong Theatre background
Aziz Adeshina: Nice one sir
Brendan Nsikak: Thank u sir
Aziz Adeshina: You made me realize you have been in this game for 12 years now?
Brendan Nsikak: Yes sir, since my first job Miss Nigeria 2003
Aziz Adeshina: Do you think you have made an Impact, or set a standard as a Brand Ambassador and as an Entrepreneur?
Brendan Nsikak: yes because looking at those that have pass through my hand. They can’t be compared with others.  They are Classy, Poise and Well Behaved and they are doing well in their different field. and I have trained. a lot I’m different field of event and theatre they own their own outfit now and are doing well which is my joy
Aziz Adeshina: Do u see yourself as an inspiration to others in the showbiz world?
Brendan Nsikak: Yes, Due to respond and respect they do have for the name and I love it and I can’t let them down
Aziz Adeshina: Being in the game for 12 years now, Do u think the Nigerian Entertainment Industry has improved?
Brendan Nsikak: Yes it has it only that a lot Medicrocy are so much, those who has no biz there are even the one gaining ground making it difficult for Brands to support us because when a Brand drops money, they expect result, unfortunately they can’t get because those who get the money has no biz in the market and when u approach them, it takes grace for u to get their attention but when that happens the sky is your starting point because they will realize what they have missed.
Aziz Adeshina: What should we be expecting from you in 2015?
Brendan Nsikak: the Very Best of Brendan in all aspect globally!
Aziz Adeshina: When does Mr and Miss Nig. International holds this year?
Brendan Nsikak: First Saturday in October this year but it might be earlier than that, it depends on our partners this year
Aziz Adeshina: And what should we expect from this year’s Edition?
Brendan Nsikak: World Class Content and Best in Production
Aziz Adeshina: So i guess it’s absolutely going to be Bigger and Better than last years’?
Brendan Nsikak: By His Grace
Aziz Adeshina: Amen! Mr Brendan before i let you leave, is there anyone you would like to give a Special Thanks to?
Brendan Nsikak: Absolutely Sir, My Thanks goes to Almighty God, for his love, My Family. My Dear Clients all over the world, My Staff and to you all My Dear Fans and Press for your love and support, God bless you all I love u all
Aziz Adeshina: We appreciate you too Mr Brendan. In case of Sponsorship, or Partnership, how can you be contacted, social media Address i mean
Brendan Nsikak: Twitter: @NI_supermodel, IG: @Nisupermodel, Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nigeriainternationalsupermodel
Aziz Adeshina: Mr Brendan, it’s been a Great pleasure chatting with you
Brendan Nsikak: Thanks to u too Sir, It’s been an Honour
Aziz Adeshina: Have a great day
Brendan Nsikak: Sure, and you too


Exclusive Interview: Brendan Nsikak – “We Always Set The Pace For Others To Follow”
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