Month: January 2015

Career Women Series I: Making A Career Woman

Courtesy: A career woman is a woman who takes pride in her career, who chooses to work and often who is successful at her job. Every woman would love to be a career woman but not all of these “wannabes” end up successful, really. We can’t really pinpoint what went wrong on the way […]

Exclusive Interview: Brendan Nsikak – “We Always Set The Pace For Others To Follow”

Creative Director, CEO Brendance and Crusader ltd. And Nigeria International Supermodel. The Producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria international Brendan Nsikak, studied at University of Uyo, Obafemi Awolowo University, Theater Arts and Drama, Also studied Poise and Etiquette and Pageantry in South Africa, Catwalk in France, Event Management and planning in UK, visit . […]

How To Manage Your Teens

A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range from thirteen through nineteen (13–19). They are called teenagers because their age number ends in “teen”. Being a teenager is something every adult has gone through, both male and female. It’s considered a very difficult stage in life because there are […]

How To Move, Copy or Delete A Book On OkadaBooks’ App

This is one of the most wanted tutorial so far on OkadaBooks App because you would want to delete a book after reading it, especially the free books or the ones you just don’t want to read anymore Before we begin, there are a few things you must know. 1. [Updated] How To Delete A […]

Loving Your Body In Pregnancy

If you enjoy parading your body around in bikini or you just love the flat belly button and your slim body. If you are obsessed with such things before pregnancy, it’d be difficult to let go and love your body as the stomach grows bigger. Normally, you should, but most women shut themselves indoor, employ […]

How To Fix “Data Unavailable” On OkadaBooks App

Whenever i tried to login to the app, it says “Data Unavailable.” My password was correct and my email was not dead. It didn’t even pop up “Dude, are you sheeting me, that is the wrong password.” it just kept on popping up “Data Unavailable.” Where did the data go? This just happened to me […]

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