Loving Your Body In Pregnancy

If you enjoy parading your body around in bikini or you just love the flat belly button and your slim body. If you are obsessed with such things before pregnancy, it’d be difficult to let go and love your body as the stomach grows bigger. Normally, you should, but most women shut themselves indoor, employ maids and some would go as far as blaming their husbands for their size, weight and cessation of usual activities. You should love your body. Here are a few tips that work.

1. It’s all in the attitude. Take care of your body. Put on those sexy cloths, use a makeup if you have to and go shopping or get your workout outfits and hit the gym, they have a lot of exercises for pregnant women there
2. Smile, it attracts people. These people might help with so many tips and keep you company
3. Spend some time with your husband, discuss, chat and if possible, jokingly argue about the baby’s name.
4. Take extra time with things you love doing alone, like brushing and fixing your hair.
5. Take a walk with your husband or a friend in the evenings. It’s another form of exercise and you could get to feed your eyes with happenings you’ve missed.
6. The Internet is your friend. Chat, learn to cook or fashion and most of all, watch a lot of Comedy on YouTube, If you don’t have internet… listen to Ogamadam office on wazobia fm 10am to 3pm (weekdays)
7. If you watch your weight a lot before pregnancy, do not stay in front of the mirror too long when you’re pregnant – you could feel bad
8. Understand that at some point, Anxiety might attack you, you might get scared or annoyed at the presence of your husband’s manhood or you might fear that you and your baby might not bond or the child might not like you. Anxiety at some point, for some women is normal during pregnancy is normal. If you understand this, you could deal with it.
9. Draw your good friends closer
10. You could try out some new safe things but stay away from alcohol
Things You Should Not Do During Pregnancy
We are still on the topic. Here are a few things that would not make you happy during pregnancy.
1. Negative thoughts. Some women (especially those with irresponsible husbands) wish the baby would hate the father. Some even go as far as wishing the baby would die
2. Do not worry about what the baby would grow up to become. He would not be a cheater because his/her father cheated on you
3. Do not lock yourself up because you’re pregnant
4. Do not worry about issues or negative traits with your descendants or lineage.
5. Do not keep worrisome thoughts to yourself. It’s dangerous
Making and having a baby is really wonderful, you could tell when you have a new born baby in your arms. Along the way, while carrying the child, you just have to do what makes you happy and remember that you’re not alone. You have someone else inside of you and you would deliver safely
Loving Your Body In Pregnancy



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