In Nigeria? You Should Invest In these Ideas

Since the birth (and death?) of MMM and similar Ponzi schemes in Nigeria, everyone has been really careful about where they put their money, most people actually. Anyways, I will be sharing a couple of Ideas or platforms or startups or… (call it whatever you want) that you should be putting your money in right […] is featured on Innovation Village is directory website that lists book clubs, bookstores and literary meetups around you. It also allows you to add a listing for free. The listing could be upcoming literary events, meetups, or an announcement by a bookstore, book club, writer or publisher. The overall idea is to help people find your bookstore and book […]

Differences Between A Library And A Bookshop/Bookstore

UPDATE: 15 Differences Between A Library And A Bookshop 1. Books in the library are acquired and processed, stamped, accessioned, cataloged, classified, and make it readily available to patrons to freely use, while books in the bookshop on the other hand arranges it materials for commercial purposes. 2. The library environment is organized for convenient […]

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