is featured on Innovation Village is directory website that lists book clubs, bookstores and literary meetups around you. It also allows you to add a listing for free. The listing could be upcoming literary events, meetups, or an announcement by a bookstore, book club, writer or publisher. The overall idea is to help people find your bookstore and book club so they can participate to read the book of the month or whatever the listing is about.

I was invited to a book club’s anniversary sometime in August, and during one of the discussions someone said she once googled “Book Clubs in Lagos” but she couldn’t find relevant results. I think the discussion was about how we can get more people to read in Nigeria.

On that day, I was sitting beside a friend who happens to be the moderator of the book club I was part of, Bookaholics Book Club. We looked up “Book clubs in Nigeria” and there were no relevant results. I told her we should set up a website that lists book clubs in Nigeria and she agreed. She knew I was tech savvy and promised to support me if I needed help with anything. Go read the complete feature HERE is featured on Innovation Village
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