Year: 2017

What people say that makes me roll my eyes

With the amount of eye rolling I do daily I’m actually surprised my eyes are still intact. The obsession with IQ on Quora. I have an IQ of 167, is that good? What does it mean? I don’t know genius but one thing I know for sure; people with 160+ IQ do not display their stupidity on […] is featured on Innovation Village is directory website that lists book clubs, bookstores and literary meetups around you. It also allows you to add a listing for free. The listing could be upcoming literary events, meetups, or an announcement by a bookstore, book club, writer or publisher. The overall idea is to help people find your bookstore and book […]

Your job is not to make every user happy

I kept suggesting more features and updates while we were working on 4ward NG. My partner welcomed some of these ideas and we argued about some as well. I can’t remember everything he said; I’m not good at quoting words off arguments but his point was that it is not everything a visitor or user […]

“I don’t read books.”

Whenever I come online and find some graduates making unnecessary mistakes and posting some really dumb things I’m forced to walk up to my shelf for my English textbook. If I’m on a bus – Medium, Youtube and OkadaBooks. If a graduate is finding it difficult to construct simple sentences in serious conversations then I […]

Download Sigil 0.9.2 and later versions

Sigil is free. All sigil releases are here on github: You can also contribute to the project over there if you happen to be a developer. For my Sigil tutorial on YouTube, i used version 0.9.2 and have not upgraded, yet. So, if you want my copy then go to Scroll down the page until […]

Five lessons Yoruba Demons should learn from Banky W’s Engagement

Five lessons you can learn from the Banky W engagement story Banky W recently announced his engagement to the love of his life and his love story has since become an encouragement and fuel to the confidence we Yoruba Demons and our Igbo Brothers have over the course of many heartbreaks. After the news of […]

Your Customers are Sidekicks

Wordweb Dictionary: (informal) an assistant or companion to another (often superior or more dominant) person A lot has been happening on OkadaBooks lately: Over a thousand users register on the platform every week, a ton of cool features are being deployed (like the new referral system), increasing queries on how to publish and other questions […]

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